Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crossroads, the Five Speed Hula

Here in Hawaii, we celebrate May 1st as May Day.
Not as in SOS, I'm in trouble mayday, but as in May Day is Lei Day.
Apparently some person wrote a song which inspired some other folks to declare May Day a day to forever embarrass small children.
Read about it here.
Ever since I can remember, which is a pretty long time, schools here hold some kind of May Day thingy, usually involving some kind of show which usually includes some kind of dancing.
I remember in fact, I was in the second grade and I had to do a dance in front of the whole school with some girl back when I wasn't really interested in girls.
If you know what I mean.
Yesterday at school, we had ours.
A May Day court is elected/chosen representing each of the main Hawaiian Islands and other places in Polynesia and Asia.
The program included native cultural dances which is pretty cool considering the cultural diversity we have at school.
I wish I had taken some photos, but it's like against the law for me to post up photos and such and I don't' want to get in trouble with the law or the kind folks that employ me.
Well, actually that is not what this is all about.
Not really.
See I was working on the Bike With The Funny Name(BWTFN) and taking some advice and working on that free wheel when I was reminded of yesterday's performance by this:

That's right hula fans!
My free wheel is doing it's very own version of a local dance!
It also sort of sounds like what I suppose is a subway train passing by at high speed.
I've never actually been on a subway.
Though I have eaten a Subway sandwich.
They sponsor Chuck don't you know.
So anyways, I'm looking at that dancing free wheel thinking to myself that the sensual movement I see can't be good news.
That and the noise it's making sounds nothing like Hawaiian music.
So now I find myself at a bit of a crossroads.
Not like Robert Johnson, for this is not about selling my soul to the Celeste Devil.
Been there done that.
This is more like I don't know where to go next.
I'm already into the BWTFN for about $90 and I got a handle bar coming in that was like another $25 so that's like $115 bucks total.
Way more than I thought I'd be spending.
A new free wheel is going to cost me at least another $20 or more.
Actually this wouldn't really be an issue except the for the crunch on the frame:

Okay, some of you have said not to worry about it, but I do and it's this sort of blemish that takes the fun out of doing a full makeover and spending more cashola.
That and the fact that the quill is still in it's original position and probably will be in the foreseeable future.
There are some 27 inch wheels that already have a free wheel installed on the eVilness that I could get for around $100 bucks, but that would really be the point of no return(s).
Which is where I tend to get with most of the bicycles I got.
So I guess it's okay.
Or not.
I wish I could go off on a ride and think about it, but it's a rainy blustery day, the sort of day the BWTFN was supposed to be for.
Just don't know if it's worth sinking any more money into.
I mean it's conceivable to ride it in it's present condition.
I just won't enjoy it.
That sort of defeats the purpose don't you know.
So here I am.
What to do?

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