Friday, May 20, 2011


So tonight, I came home and admired my bicycle.
It's something I do much more than I'd rather admit, but okay, I admit it.
I don't just admire it, I fawn over it.
J'adore mon velo.
Or ma velo.
Wait lemme look that up.
Okay, finally the French get it right and velo is masculine.
Thing is, you can never tell with them pesky French.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, I'm looking at mon velo and smiling and nodding my head and doing stupid stuff like that when I start noticing the now Obtainable Lightness of Roundness.
When I ordered them I asked Rob, the Psimet in Psimet, to apply his decals on opposite sides of the wheels.
As in two on each side.
Unfortunately, I guess since Mr. Psimet is an extremely busy fellow, tons of wheels to be made and not enough time don't you know, forgot and did his usual application which is one sticker on each side:

For any other normal person, this might be fine, but not for this stickler for symmetry.
It's sort of like running over something like a leaf and having it stick to your tire and having to see it pass by you while riding.
Flap, flap, flap.
I mean if you're like me, you just have to stop and rid your tire of the offending item lest you ride into a telephone pole or something as it messes with your sense of rightness in the world.
Well those stickers are sort of like that except you can't really see them unless you really bend over and sort of ride sideways.
The thing is, I know they are there.
I can them in my mind as I ride around: wonk, wonk, wonk.
Spinning around all funny kine, making me feel all wobbly and googly, making me feel all out of balance.
Which shouldn't be that difficult to understand for if you, the reader, have been following along at home, you know that I'm not the most balanced person in the world.
Sort of.
So off they came!

Sorry Rob!
As I was peeling them off, the image in my mind of that lop sided spin slowly faded.
I started walking straighter and I think I may have corrected the Earth's tilt.
Just a little.
In the process of removal, I also noticed this:

Unbelievably, each spoke is marked Sapim!
Also kinda cool.
So anyways, I peeled them off and in doing so I was left with one clean spot on the rim so yes, I had to clean the whole rim lest I conjure up the image of a clean spot going around and around and around.
Wonk, wonk, wonk.
Then, I noticed some gum I had picked up on the tire, so I had to clean that off and when I cleaned that off, I had to clean the whole tire!
Lemme tell you, it ain't easy being me.
At least now though, mon velo is all aligned correctly and it won't be like pulling to one side causing me to ride into immovable objects.
Now if I can only do something about that valve stem.
Wonk, wonk, wonk.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I was thinking maybe Mr. Psimet would send you some symmetrical stickers. Because Psimet (laced with Sapim!) does have some poseur cachet value. A lot more than "Ultegra" anyway.


limom said...

The plan was to run the decals for a couple of months before peeling them off anyways.
Now if he had named his company something like "Blingatastical" or maybe "Super Lightness of Roundness" or "These Wheels are Really Fast But I'm Really Slow" I may have left them on.
Now I notice that the Gatorskins have only one label per side.
I may have to go back to the Ultremos.

Psimet said...

'DOH. I have to find a better way of tracking notes for decals. I am usually pretty god on that but I should have had it on your invoice to make sure I did it. *sigh*. I'll send you new ones whenever you want. Can even make them different colors for you... ;)

Rocking the Psimets said...

Whoa! Mr. Psimet!
You honor the blog with your presence!
No worries about the decals.
More interested in the wheels than the stickierthingys.
Very happy by the way.
With the wheels I mean.
Contemplating the next Unobtainable Lightness of Roundness and you sir, have the best bang for my bucks.
Maybe some Carbonization of Roundness is next.
Oh and despite what I said, I'm not sure you have attained "pretty god" status.