Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Final

Okay, here's the rest of the lowdown on them Psimet wheels.
According to my invoice, actual weight of the front wheel is 650 grams, the rear measured out to 867 grams for a total of 1517.
Rob, the Psimet person, quoted me 1485, which is pretty close.
The front is a 27mm Kinlin niobium wheel with a White Industries H2 silver hub, 20 radial laced Sapim CXray spokes:

There's a better look at how the spokes are recessed in the flange.
That alone gives me a warm fuzzy.
The rear is a 30mm with a WI H3 silver hub, 24 Sapim CXray spokes 2x:

The hubs have 24 points of engagement and 3 pawls.
From what I can tell, they engage just a tad faster than my old wheels.
There's also some technical gobbledygook about why White Industries hubs build a stronger wheel, something about the flange spacing, you can see how on the non drive side the spokes sit further inboard.
Way too technical for me.
Seeing as how I'm a banana head and all.
Well after fifty miles or so, let me just say they feel faster.
No data or anything and I doubt if I'll have definitive proof, but the placebo effect is strong in me.
On the little rollers I go up, it seems easier, a little less effort is needed to get up and down.
After beating them up a bit they are both still true, which I believe is a testament to how well they are built.
The front wheel feels squirrely, a little loose, if you know what I mean.
Probably cause it's catching a bit more of them cross winds I ride in. The front end for also feels well, lighter.
Sort of how it felt coming off of a mountain bike and riding a road bike.
The wheels do make a hollow sort of sound. Not the full on growl of carbon wheels, but definitely a different sound.
Here's an up close look at the width of the rear:

The wheels are painted, not anodized, but they are a nice glossy black.
The White Industries hub is loud but not as loud as my Campagnolo hub or a Chris King.

Are they worth it?
Well, to get comparable wheels, like say Easton EA90s, you'd have to spend a bit more than what I forked over.
The Sapim spokes are easily replaced, unlike other wheels that have proprietary designs(Campagnolo).
The White Industries hubs are easily serviceable also.
I'm happy and that's what counts and I'd have no problem asking Mr. Psimet to put together another set.
To tell you the truth, I was perfectly happy with my old wheels and I just got these for the the blingalicious poseur factor.
Now that I think about it, I should have ordered me some 50mm carbon clinchers!
Okay, not really.
Well, maybe.
For now though, I'm sort of thinking about these:

That's right sports fans!
Blue anodized valve stem caps with Swarovski crystals!
Now that my friends, is some bling!
I can see the shinyness now going round and round and round and round.
Okay, not really.
Well, maybe.


John Romeo Alpha said...

At this point, I would go with the carbon fiber stem caps. They add stiffness while improving road feel and compliance, permitting quicker sprints and smoother uphill transitions. Maybe.

limom said...

Yes, but do they sparkle and shine and match your eyes?

Trevor Woodford said...

Great looking hoops - I really like the shiny hubs...
I also love those valve stem caps. Of course I would need to have them in red. I am now going to see If I can find some online....!


limom said...

You know I was thinking, I bet it'd be really cool if them valve stem caps shot out laser beams!
Or maybe if they at least had some LEDs in them.
Or something.

statrixbob said...

No, no, no...these are the stem caps you need.

I wonder if they have a presta version?

limom said...

I would totally rock those!
If they came in schrader.
Maybe on the BWTFN.