Friday, May 6, 2011


My Quest for Speed(QFS) starts now.
Well, tomorrow anyways,
If you've been following along at home, you, the reader, know that I've been reading this book by Chris Carmichael called The Time Crunched Cyclist:

Interesting stuff in there about training and working towards goals and such but I should have saved my money for I pretty much already knew what to do.
In order to increase my speed that is.
It's really quite simple: ride hard.
Or harder.
As in as hard as you can.
Ride hard until you cannot ride hard no more.
Then ride hard some more.
Or something like that.
No mystery really and no revelations.
I just don't ride fast enough, long enough.
I mean I ride fast, in bursts like when I'm making it through an intersection and trying to beat the light.
I just don't ride fast long enough.
Then more intervals.
Then do more intervals until you cannot do intervals no more!
Okay, I have to admit, not really my cup of tea.
Being mediocre, or I dislike admitting, less than mediocre is not really my cup of tea either.
So, after contemplating my future in recreational cycling, I have decided to Rock The Big Ring(RTBR)!
That's right sports fans!
I am giving up the small ring and RingTBR!
I'm a little ashamed to admit, but ever since I got my new group, I've only used the Big Ring once or twice.
It's practically virgin.
Anyways I believe I've built up the endurance, and my cadence is at least respectable now so the next progression is to RTBR!
I gotta say, working with a heart rate monitor really helped me get into some real bicycling shape.
Reading this book:

Helped me understand what I was doing and where I was going.
Well, it's not about the cardio anymore.
It's time to RTBR!
Time to go anaerobic!
Time to investigate some real pain and suffering.
The way I figure is that I'll give this three or four weeks and if I don't see any improvement, I'll just go back to being less than mediocre and using my bike to retrieve cheese rolls and kim chee from the supermarket.
Of course I'll mount my front basket to the Celeste Devil and go in style.
I mean say it with me: image is everything.
Actually, picking up just a mile or two in average speed will suffice for I have no illusions of being really really fast.
The interesting and fun thing about this whole bicycle riding thing is seeing the improvements I make in my conditioning.
I mean this book stuff really works!
I spent the first two years just sort of riding around having fun wondering why I wasn't really getting any fitter(faster).
I was grinding along at like 70rpms wondering why I was getting no where slow.
Then I figured, let's give this spinning thing a try and whoa! suddenly I got a little faster.
Listening to other folks and reading these books took me to another level of sorts and I'm interested to see if I can hit another.
Level that is.
Time to RTBR!
To tell you, the reader, the truth, I don't know why I feel this need for speed.
I mean it's not like I'm just cruising along getting passed by women and children.
Well, okay, I do get passed by women and children, but I'm not really unhappy about it.
I am perfectly happy to ride my route, take in the sights and cream sodas and be on my merry way.
I guess I figure if I get faster, then when I'm cruising along, well, I'll really be just cruising along.
If you know what I mean.
Oh yeah baby, RTBR!
So, in the interest of science, we'll see just how much of an improvement I can make.
Being of low hemoglobin levels, it's hard to expect a lot, so I'm expecting just a little.
I mean I don't think I can do the intervals the book recommends, but I'll try to work my way up.
Honestly, I'll be happy if I can just do 3 intervals of 30 seconds.
After all these miles I feel like I've hit a plateau so any positive change will be nice.
I mean I can't get any slower right?
So off I go!
Time to RTBR!
This better be worth it.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Speed! When you get a little, you just want more! I think I read a scientific study where cream soda improved short-duration anaerobic bicycle sprints.

limom said...

Off to purchase a case of cream soda!
Do they sell that stuff by the keg?