Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So ashamed.
What have I done?
I dunno.
It must have been something really really bad for I've been banished from Bloggerland.
Okay, not totally banished, I mean you wouldn't be reading this if I was, but more like banished from posting comments on other folks' blogs.
For some odd reason, I can no longer offer up my unusual brand of witticisms and general observations on Blogger.
I'm not even a recognized member of the exclusive club.
I'm also having trouble commenting up right here.
That's right!
Right down there!
Below this post and all that.
What have I done to get such disrespect?
Maybe I was taking up too much bandwidth.
Speaking of banishments, and this is a stretch, I finally got the goods to banish that funky free wheel:

Luckily it came with foolproof directions.
Sort of.
So anyways, it says to make sure to use the skewer to attach this thing to the free wheel, so that you don't injure yourself or heaven forbid any innocent bystanders:

Okay, so I get that squared away and start pushing on it.
Like really really hard.
More hard pushing and leveraging and bad words coming out of my mouth.
So finally I have to use the Flat Tire Bottom Bracket tool to loosen this puppy up.
At least I didn't pop a spoke!
So I start a turning on it and for some reason it's like getting tighter and tighter.
I mean I literally drenched the thing with all kinds of slippery stuff when I was trying to get it to quiet down.
Tighter still!
If you, the reader, have been following along at home, you know what's coming.
Yes, another banana headed move.
I forgot to loosen the skewer as I was unscrewing the free wheel!
Seriously, it's amazing that I don't injure myself or heaven forbid any innocent bystanders.
Anyways, off that free wheel came, to be banished to some secret research facility where evil experiments will be conducted on it to see what makes it tick:

Or not tick.
The new to me free wheel is on it's way so hopefully I will be able to get this thing running and walking.
Then you all shall see!
Exile me will you!
I will not take this banishment sitting down!
The Bike With The Funny Name will take over the world!
Nothing will stand in my way!



John Romeo Alpha said...

I thought that I sensed a variation in the Force, as if a hundred comments went unsent...quick! Reboot! Delete your cookies! Clear your cache! Something! The skewer incident is not too banana-headed, I did it too.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm having trouble posting comments!

the flat tire said...

let's see if this works

Anonymous said...

very strange