Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rack Em Up

Or maybe not.
One thing I learned when I had the Barn Door is that I almost never used the rear rack.
Well okay, I used it all the time, mostly to carry the pack I usually had around my waist.
It was sort of a hassle though to take stuff out, I mean you had to undo the cargo net thingy to get at all my stuff.
I never carried anything else on it, like cheese rolls or kim chee, after I got my front basket.
The thing about having a rack is that if you do load it up with stuff, it gets a bit difficult to get back on the bike, especially if your load exceeds the height of the seat.
If you know what I mean.
Still, I always worried when I did put things on that rack, for if they jostled loose and fell off the back, I probably wouldn't know it.
A bit different from seeing things bounce out of the front basket and into your lap.
Luckily I grabbed my camera, the big one, before it hit the ground.
After that I learned to strap stuff in, even in the basket.
So anyways, I been thinking about a rack.
A rack is nice if you don't plan on having fenders for it sort of acts like one, even if it doesn't completely CYA(cover your ass).
I said ass!
Of course I mean a horsey looking thingy:

Actually, it would be pretty cool to have one those in my yard, you know to keep the grass below knee level.
Well, what I really want is a llama.
A vicuna:

Or a guanaco:

Okay, I guess they aren't really llamas, but sort of llama relatives. You got your llamas and alpacas, then you got your vicuna and guanaco.
Kinda sorta llamas.
If you know what I mean.
Come to think about it, if I ever could get a couple of them, why not get two different ones then I could make like a Flat Tire hybrid, like a vinaco.
Or something.
So anyways back to the racks.
I was thinking I wasn't going to get a rack, but now since the Bike With The Funny Name is sort of a step through, I figured something simple would be nice.
I mean I didn't need at that extra stuff for the panniers so I was thinking I'd get something like this:

A cheap Pletscher knock off for like twenty bucks.
I figure that should be good for all my hauling needs.
Or maybe I just go rackless.
Get me some fenders.
So I can ride in the rain.
Or at least when it's wet.
Cause I never ride in the rain.
If I can help it.
I wonder what it would cost me to get one of them llama thingys?
Or two.


Steve A said...

I like my Topeak rack. The bag simply slides in and - click.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Perhaps a porteur rack up front would address your rack objections? But fenders, install them you must.

limom said...

Steve A., I considered that rack before, but as nice as it is, I just don't carry that much stuff.

JRA, I didn't what my other cheapo front rack did to the front steering.
I can only imagive what I big ole rack would do!

I was even sort of thinking of one of those seatpost racks, one I could take on and off as needed.

Chandra said...

when it is not cold, riding through puddles or the rain can be fun. you ought to try it some day, may be?

peace :)

limom said...

Rain would be okay if it weren't so wet.