Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bigger is Better

At least in the this case.
Or box.
Or Man Bling Receptacle.
A while back I unwisely invested in a new tool box.
The one I had, a sort of tackle/hobby/craft/stuffs box just wasn't doing the job and my newly acquired bicycle related tools were at the point of overflow.
I've also begun to accumulate back up tools to my regala tools, I have a roll cab and top chest in the garage but it's a pain to go out there every time I need to work on the bicycles, which I do mostly inside.
Besides, I didn't think the whole tool box thing through.
Bicycle tools aren't like normal tools, they are shaped kinda goofy and they wouldn't fit in the top tray of the inside tool box and the lid wouldn't close:

So off to the Man Store I went in search of stuff.
Okay, the priority of the Man Store mission was not to get a new box, it was to get some water bottle cage bolts, which I have someplace around here, I just can't find them.
I guess organization was sort on my mind.
The thing about these tool boxes, is that most of them have these trays with unbicycle tool molded compartments.
Actually I'm not really sure what kind of tools exactly are supposed to fit them compartments, maybe some scissors or something.
Wonder of wonders I found a box with removable sliding thingys in the top tray so all my unusual goofy tools fit and are now accessible right in the top tray:

Oh happy days!
I can actually close the freakin lid!
It's also bigger so that means I got room for more stuff!

How great is that?
Of course the first thing I did when I got this new Man Bling Receptacle was hit up the eVilness in search of tools I may or may not need.
Like yet another allen key set that I bought with the new tool box.
You know, just in case.
I mean you never know.
Unfortunately I didn't find any tools I really need right now, but I did find this:

That's right shiny stuff fans!
Bar ends embedded with Swarovski crystals!
I'm giddy with excitement!
How looking for pedal wrenches led me to this is one of the mysteries of the eVilness.
Or maybe they found me.
Just think, bar ends to match my Ultimate Blingness of Valve Stem Capness!
Now that right there, that's larger than life!
If only those crystals were a bit larger.
Bigger is better.
Don't you know.


Anonymous said...

everyone needs some kind of bling. ... I must admit, I haven't seen a bike bell (yet) that blingy!!

limom said...

I sort of like the simple brass bell.
Retro and all that.

Steve A said...

If you drill out the crystals, you'll save grams. VERY cool!

John Romeo Alpha said...

I'm with Steve, when I see those crystals, I think of two words: HEV-VEE. You got to go the other direction, get that buzzy bee bike down below 20 lbs.

limom said...

Crystals are measured in carrots not grams.
Make that carats.

Now you, Mr. JRA, got me all thinking about getting one of them weight weenie scales.
That'll be the end for sure.
Of my bank account.