Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Somethings

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Some of the stuff has been coming in for the New Bike build.
I had to get me some new bottom bracket cups for the frame has pesky Italian threads.
Did I just give out a clue?
You don't know the power of the Dark Side!
I also remembered that the fork is 1" so I had to get me more spacers.
Boy, these little things are sure adding up!
I've started a box to put all that cra- uh, the parts in as the New Bike(NB) makes it's away across these United States.
Hopefully it's not sitting in some Gov't warehouse like the Ark of the Covenant.
So anyways, I got me some new/old skewers the other day, Campagnolo of course, and let me tell you, those things are freakin heavy!
Boat anchors!
The new skewers on top, the old ones on the bottom:

The old skewers are alloy on both ends while the new/old ones are steel, or in this case maybe lead.
The thing is, I've never seen the old skewers on the eVilness, they might have been bastardized as again I've never seen the caps on the non cam side and only the cam side is stamped Campagnolo.
Very strange, but lighter than the new/old skewers.
Still, the new/old skewers have that Italian all bling no zing look:

Oh yeah baby!
Except now the Celeste Devil is about two pounds heavier.
One thing I do like is that the caps are the almost the same size as the drop outs in front:

Sort of appealing in a safe and secure sort of way.
I also like the folding ring thingys.
Seems kinda strange that Campagnolo would make skewers like these, boat anchors I mean. There seems to be some sort of void between the old school skewers and the new ones, so maybe my old skewers fall in that category.
More skewer research needed.
The old skewers go in the NB build box.
Will I ever be done messing around with the Celeste Devil?
I sure hope so.
It seems to be stuck somewhere in the middle of old and new, not yet figuring out which way to go.
Not quite sure how I feel about that.
I have decided that the NB will be mostly contemporary stuff, not old school.
Not fanatical high tech carbon fibre weight weenie stuff, but sort of.
I'm thinking of buying a scale.
More on that way later.
Oh, and I got in some Ciao Gina! stuff:

I think I'm turning into Dave Stoller in Breaking Away.
Okay, off I go to wait for the mailman.
Or eat some pasta.
Or something.


Lyle said...

Alloy skewer on the front, steel on the rear. Save a pound.

OCD said...

That means they won't match!
I may start riding crooked.