Friday, June 24, 2011

Ciocc Com 12.5

First of all, let's get this out of the way:

Giovanni Pelizzoli, the man himself showing us all how to pronounce the name.
Sounds like something Chewbacca might call his kid.
So anyways some background.
This bicycle is not a real Ciocc.
Pelizzoli sold the name back in the '80s.
He's still making bicycles, his new stuff, along with some history can be found here.
In other words, the New Bike With The Funny Name is a Ciocc in well, name only.
Okay, let's take a look:

Groupset of choice was Campagnolo Veloce.
I got a good deal on a used set, sold my Mirage to help pay for it.
The Dark Side:

The Veloce.
This stuff gave me some fits setting it up.
For one thing, I couldn't get it to shift correctly.
I must have been fooling around with the rear derailleur for an hour, adjusting the cable, adjusting the stops.
Finally I got it going.
This stuff needs to start off with an absolutely slack cable.
Usually, I pull the cables hand tight, then I use some pliers to get them really tight, then I start adjusting.
A couple of back turns on the derailleur adjuster and things are good to go.
Not this stuff. I had to back off on the cable two times until it finally started to shift correctly.
Very strange.
Or maybe the spring in the derailleur is just weak.
Okay, the bike is large.
Larger I mean.
Top tube measured to 53cm and the seat tube, depending on how you measure it is either a 50 or a 51.
The Celeste Devil is a 49.
The top tube is not round, it's sort of triangulated, same as the down tube:

Okay, it's sort of hard to see there, I'll get some better pics later.
The bars I put on were the anatomic Ritcheys I had on hand, so those will be changed out later to traditional drops.
If things work out, I may use the bars I'm running on the Celeste Devil.
I'm using a handle bar spacer to use the 26.0 Ritchey bars:

There's also 28mm of stack under the stem, I may also drop it down a bit.
Not sure I like the Chris King mango and gold bits, but I don't think I'm changing that stuff out until later, if I do at all.
The group also came with standard rings with 172.5 cranks; I haven't been able to find a compact set in my size so I may just leave that also.
Besides the size, there are some differences in the Celeste Devil and this frame.
If you look at the front end, the head tube looks really slack, but I think it's just an illusion since the HT is taller.
I'll do some comparisons tonight when I get home.
I went out for a short ride to get the pics and I can't really say I feel a difference.
Maybe it seems to corner a bit better, but I'll see on Sunday when I take it out for a shakedown cruise.
What ever happened to Jay Ferguson?

Okay, there's the Ciocc COM 12.5, submitted for your approval.
More changes are coming of course.
Stay tuned.


Steve A said...

Excellently informative video. I've been telling my sister it is pronounced "chahch" and now I have to eat crow unless I claim it was a Texas version of "chooch." you'd laugh if you heard how they told her to pronounce it up in Seattle.

It must feel sad to have purchased your last ever road bike so early in life. Now you have nothing to look forward to other than lesser bikes - or an earlier, real one. My sister's bike might be your size.

Ciocc and Chong said...

I've been using "chee oh ch" and now it's difficult to change.
As far as this being my last road bike: Whatchutalkinbout Willis?
I'm far from done.
Just getting started in fact.
Oh, and to authenticate, I've read that "real" Ciocc bicycle have Pelizzoli's signature.
A probable sign he built it or at least had a hand it in.

Mark said...

Very very nice.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Beautiful...bellissima. I must know the completed weight though: limom + ciocc - limom = ??

John Romeo Alpha said...

Also--try switching to popup comments box and see if your blog recognizes you.

limom said...

Thanks guys!
Pretty good for a used frame.

JRA, I'm afraid to purchase a scale.
If you know what I mean.
I'll do a bathroom measurement just for kicks later.

Yes, the pop up boxes recognize me, but I've been having fun making up differenct personas.
For now.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I've done it!
I've revealed myself and now I can't go back!

John Romeo Alpha said...

I've instituted pop-up commenting on my blog to enable the masses yearning to comment freely! Commenters of the world, unite!

limom said...

Unleashed the flood have you.