Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tools for Fools

Or something.
I didn't quite know what to title this post seeing as how it's sort of a repeat of what goes on around here.
Well I do have a lot of tools, in fact I bought some today:

It's now official.
I own every size of metric allen wrench known in the Western Hemisphere.
I also happen to be quite the fool
Or banana head if you will.
If you, the reader, have been following along at home, you know that I've been looking for some pedals for I have/had a mean case of clunk, clunk, clunk.
Well, I changed out the cleats and the clunk, clunk, clunk persisted so I went ahead and ordered me some Eggbeaters.
Blue spring bling.
Well, I got to thinking, after I ordered the pedals don't you know, that I have two sets of SPDs so why don't I try changing out that one side pedal, you know, just to be sure.
So I got me my trusty Park Tool combination chain whip and pedal wrench and proceeded to take off-
The pedal is already loose!
Boy, I wanted to clunk, clunk, clunk, my head with the pedal wrench!
Or flail myself with the chain whip!
Okay, that's sort of kinky.
So instead I tightened up the pedals and voila!
Silent, silent, silent.
Well the good news is I only got a hundred and eighty seven more transactions until I get my new eVil eBay purple star.
Probably next month.
So anyways, I got some real good news.
The other day, as I was riding around I was sort of checking my position.
I moved the seat forwards just a bit, a couple of millimeters and if you remember with all of this pedal thing I also moved my cleats back all the way on my shoes.
Well, I thought hey! maybe I should move my seat up a tad too.
I swear, promise and hope to be slower, three millimeters or so made a humungasoid difference!
Really, not more than half a centimeter and my pedal stroke feels way better, my position on the seat feels way better and my position over the bars feels like guess what? way better!
So much better that I managed to huff and puff an average of 15mph over my usual route.
Okay, maybe Rocking the Big Ring has something to do with that too, and maybe the new cleat position helped, but boy for the first time in a while my position is actually close to comfortable.
Not that I've been riding around in pain or anything, it's just that now my body feels a bit more balanced.
If you know what I mean.
In keeping with the theme of this post, the bad news, sorta, is that I already ordered me some Cinelli bars, so all that will change.
Now for some odd reason, there doesn't seem to be any Cinelli stems up for sale on the eVilness, not any with a 26.4 clamp and in the size I need/want.
More on that later.
So anyways, I sitting here wondering what kind of banana headedness I can get myself into next.
I may just recline on the couch and eat some Sour Cream and Onion potato chips.
That seems safe.
Sort of.

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