Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cut This JRA

Amazing what you find on the interwebz.
So I was reading Steve A.'s fine blog, DFW Point-to-Point, and he had this video borrowed from JRA of One Speed: Go! fame where it is shown how easily a cable lock is defeated.
Okay, it shows a cable a being cut by some bolt cutters, but you get the idea.
So I'm watching what I assume is Mr. JRA's hands cut that cable and then the video ends and the next video comes up in the queue.
It's also about bicycle locks.
A new fangled bicycle lock:

I never heard of it because it's not available commercially yet.
Seems these folks have gotten some other folks to invest, so to speak, to help develop and bring this product to market.
Read about it here.
Also here.
Seems this newfangled lock consists of a 1/8" titanium hoop and a locking cylinder.
Looks great.
The videos I saw were mostly of the inventor dude trying to defeat the lock with all kinds of stuff and it holds up pretty well.
Except how do you carry it?
The video shows it wrapped around the head tube and strapped to your top tube, but I'm not sure I'd like to carry my locking device that way.
Really though, it looks like a great product!
I was ready to send in my bucks but it looks like they have met their monetary goal, and the next tier up is a bit spendy.
Still, if I was one who carried a lock and had to leave my bicycle out on the street unattended, I would certainly give this lock a good look.
It also happens to be made of some titanium blingness, so that makes it even more attractive.
At least to me.
Check this thing out.
It may be the bicycle lock of the future.
I wonder if they can put some Swarovski cystals in the hoop?


John Romeo Alpha said...

I saw the same "related video" after my video on Steve's site! Off to investigate the metallurgical properties of titanium ribbons now! But I think the lock would cost more than my commuter bike.

The Flat Tire Security Team said...

Those who "invested" a hunsky are in line to get one so I'm thinking it's not going to be that expensive once production starts.
I hope.

Steve A said...

We use Ti for firewalls

uninformed said...

As in computers or in like bulkheads?