Monday, June 6, 2011

The Little Things

Add up.
I didn't really think about it when I started out, but having just a spare group is just a small part of building a bicycle.
I mean it's important, you need it, but it's not the only thing you need to get a bicycle out on the road.
For instance, you aren't getting very far without a seat.
I had a seat.
In fact I have a seat.
Unfortunately, that said seat resides on another bicycle.
The other seat now temporarily resides on eVil eBay.
So I need a new seat.
Luckily, I have a seat post:

The Basket O'Posts, of which only one will fit.
I also needed a stem.
I reached into the Box O'Crap(BOC) found this:

To start off with anyways.
Probably have get a new one once I dial in the handle bars.
Speaking of handle bars, you aren't going to believe this, or maybe you will, but just prior to taking the leap off of a tall cliff, I ordered a new set of bars for the Celeste Devil.
I wasn't liking them ergo bars too much so I got me some traditional bend bars.
NOS 3T, for the Italian Alloy Goodness(IAG).
So I got the bars covered.
Then the spacers.
Oh so many spacers!
In this case, luckily a had a set of handle bar spacers:

From the BOC don't you know.
I also need one of these:

A steerer tube spacer to go from 1" to 1 1/8" since the frame coming in is "one of those" frames.
Did I just give the surprise away?
I also had some black handle bar tape that I never used and that Campagnolo seat post binder that didn't fit the Celeste Devil.
I'm also not sure about the brake attachment nut thingys, since there are all different sizes and I only got two.
I may have to scrounge some of them.
My old set of Campagnolo Proton wheels were looking real good until I remembered that I got no skewers!
Lemme tell you, skewers ain't cheap.
Boy this small little project is turning into a big project because of all these small little parts!
Small little thingys that you absolutely cannot do without but for some reason add up into large dollars.
I'm now officially over budget, way over into wallet hurting land.
This better be worth it.


Trevor Woodford said...

I am biting my tongue.....!


Exasperated said...

Houston, we have a problem.