Saturday, June 4, 2011

System Redundancy

That's what I need.
Okay, I don't need it, but I wish it so.
Otherwise known as a back up or rain bike, this is the next great project on the table.
Or on the drawing board.
Or something.
I don't know about you, but I sort of get nervous having only one bike around.
Okay, the Bike With The Funny Name counts as a bicycle but it's not really a real bicycle.
It's more of a grocery getter or a novelty, especially with that muffler, and not something I would take out for twenty miles.
Hence the need for a back up steed.
Hey! I made a rhyme!
I have sitting in a box a complete bicycle.
Well, the wheels are not in the box but sort of close to the box so it's kinda in the box.
If you know what I mean.
Box O'Bike(BO'B).
I have everything but a frame.
So since we still have a bit of thunder and lightning here, I've been guess what?
That's right more than one bicycle fans!
Looking for a decent(read cheap) frame.
I mean I'd like a bicycle to ride around in and through the rain, something I wouldn't really worry about getting all dirty and messed up.
So I was thinking of an aluminium frame or maybe, just maybe one of them cheapo carbon frames off of the eVilness:

I mean how bad can they be?
The thing about going this route, or a with a Nashbar niney nine dollah frame is that I would need a headset and some other stuff to complete it.
With the Nashbar frame I would also need a fork.
I'm looking for the cheapest way to go here.
So I been looking for framesets, but those are hard to come by, especially in my size.
I'm also a bit wary of purchasing a used aluminium frame, don't want no dents don't you know.
Then I started thinking hey! why not save up a couple of more bucks and get a whole new bike:

Get like a brand new 2300 equipped bike and put my Campagnolo Mirage on it.
Then I thought, that wouldn't do, to have a brand new bike with really old components on it.
Besides, this is not the cheapest way to go.
Sort of defeating the purpose of this exercise.
I mean if I were to purchase a new bike I would take out a loan and get one of them full carbon fibre hot rod jobs.
With flames and everything.
So anyways, good ole Nashbar has a frame sale this weekend, and I found this:

The thing is, it's seems like it's a little too nice for a rain bike and it's also steel.
Don't want to get that wet.
I guess as a back up bike it's okay, but not really a bike to go out and thrash.
If I went with a Nashbar aluminiun frame, fork, and headset, I would come out only about sixty bucks less.
Still, because of the sale and all, the price is nice for that Fuji, so I may go that way.
Honestly, I'm not too sure which way I'm going and a whole new bike is still not out of the question.
Then of course, I'd still have the Box O'Bike to deal with.
I may go out today and look at some entry level bikes just for fun.
Stay tuned.


Trevor Woodford said...

This is a slippery slope...I wanted 'a bike for all weathers'- bought the Tifosi and have ended up upgrading the wheels and now fitting Brooks everywhere...You won't stick to your original know you won't...It's fun though - I will stay tuned.!!

frame shopping in Kailua said...

Purple One Kenobi sees the future!
Yeah I thought of the upgrade thing and that's why I'm shying away from a new bicycle.
I figure if I stay used and/or cheap, the urge to splurge will not be there.
Components = wheels = frame sort of thing.
I did find a used Bianchi frame on the eVilness that I may toss a bid on.