Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Drops pt. V

Okay, here we go again.
This time, Cinelli 64-40 bars, otherwise known as Giro d'Italia bars.
The 64 in the model number is supposed to be the reach, but get this, apparently somewhere along the line Cinelli changes the bends in the bars depending on the year.
This bar I think is newer, it doesn't have the regular Giro star badge, it's just marked Cinelli on both sides of the bar with the model number stamped in:

Yes, I know I have to trim them cables, I'm letting them go until I figure out my final handle bar configuration.
Side by side against the 3T bars, you can see that the 3Ts actually have a shorter reach, though not by much:

That's sort of a funky image for the 3Ts are grooved while the Cinellis are not.
The reach did seem shorter to me though.
On the 3Ts I mean.
This is strange for the Cinellis are supposed to be 13mm shorter than the 3T bars, something you'd think I could see with the nekkid eyeball.
Maybe it has something to do with the vintage of the Cinelli bars.
The top bends seem about the same, except the Cinellis seem to be a bit steeper off the front.
One thing I have to mention.
That 80mm Cinelli stem I've been using has always seemed a bit wide in the clamp, taking a lot of turns to secure the bar.
My suspicions were confirmed when the Cinelli bars arrived.
I've actually been using a 26.4 stem on 26.0 bars!
From what I've been reading, not really recommended.
So anyways, I spent some time looking at the Cinellis mounted on the Celeste Devil.
I wasn't sure I liked them, especially since I was pretty happy with the way the 3T bars were working out.
The thing is, that 80mm stem and them Giro bars are mates now, I'm not using that stem on the 26.0 3Ts.
Have I lost you?
Don't worry, I'm pretty lost myself when it comes to this stuff.
Very confusing.
Here's the Cinellis on the Celeste Devil:

Here are the 3Ts on the Ciocc:

Pretty darn close if I do say so myself.
Funny thing is, now the controls are below the seat line; they used to be about the same height.
For whatever reason, it doesn't feel real stretched out like before, maybe I'm getting used to the aero crouch.
Or something.
I'll ride the Cinellis for a bit, see how I take to them.
If not, I can always go back to the 3T bars.
Oh and one more thing.
The 3T bars are flared in the drops meaning the tops are not as wide as the bottoms. This means that although my bars are 40cm, on the hoods they are actually 39cm.
I sort of like them like that.
So, was it worth it going through the trouble of finding all these different bars?
Of course.
I learned some stuff about handle bars I didn't know and I also learned that what you think is good is not always what's best.
Fitting bars on your bike really is a game of inches.
Or make that millimeters.

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