Thursday, June 30, 2011

It Was Teeny Weeny

Or Teeny Tiny.
Or Itsy bitsy.
Or something.
Spring like.
That got stuck in my tire.
So I got a flat.
In my living room.
Lucky I found it:

I used some pliers.
Been a while.
Since I had a flat.
Last time.
It was this:

Glass on the road.
Not a good thing.
Before that.
It was this:

Burst of air.
I got scared.
Then another spring.
From a clothes pin.
I threw it in the bushes.
I kept this:

I don't know why.
Maybe because.
I kept this too:

Fork tine.
I think.
Sort of big.
This was bigger:

The Big One.
Makes me wonder.
Just bad luck.
Knock on wood.

Thanks to The Flat Tire Museum of Deflation.
The Permanent Collection.
Visit us soon.
Okay, not really.
If you know what I mean.

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