Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Unbearable Dullness of Boredom

Or something like that.
I mean I got stuff to do, I'm just too lazy to do it.
Which can be a good thing.
Or not.
So far this summer, I've eaten two bags of Sour Cream and Onion potato chips and like five tuna sandwiches.
I've also ridden 55 miles but I don't think that evens out.
The potato chips and miles I mean.
The weather here has been off and on and today we got thunder shower warnings.
It will look sunny one hour, then it will rain hard the next and then revert to sunnyness like there is no rain in sight.
The winds have also not died down, so it's not really nice cycling weather.
Being a fair weathered cyclist I've not hit the road in any large quantity so I'm a bit bored.
I could go out and make some pots but I'm lazy.
So I guess that makes me bored but lazy.
Thankfully there's always Craig's List(CL).
A barrel of cycling amusement:

What's wrong with this picture?
How long has this person been riding this bike like that?
Does a backwards fork improve handling or do you get some nasty tank slappers when going downhill?
Tank slappers are what motorcycle folks call a high speed wobble.
There, don't say you never learned anything here.
Here's another bicycle in pristine condition:

I'm pretty sure that ding will buff right out.
We've also had a rash of folks selling Walmart bikes for more than they paid for them being called out by folks who apparently shop at Walmart and know what these bicycles cost.
They, the caller outers, live someplace called La La Land or Rip Off but I don't know where that is and I can't find it on a map.
Then there are the folks that post up the same five year old bike every other day asking the same crazy price cause they "only used it twice."
I feel like emailing them telling them like excuse me, but you do know that your bicycle is like five years old and while your CAAD4 might be really nice and all but C-dale is on like CAAD 10 now and your beautiful nine speed Ultegra is pretty much obsolete.
Just to be fair, there are folks who do get it, selling off their Next, Huffy and Pacific full squishes for fiffy dollah come and get it.
There are also the desperate types you buy I'll fly and come and deliver it.
Almost like a I'll pay you to take this awesome bike off my hands.
Check out CL enough, and I'm not saying I do, well okay, I do, and it sort of starts to feel familiar.
You get to know the same phone numbers and start wondering where in the world these folks come up with all these different bikes and you start seeing the same yards and fences, sort of like a neighborhood.
Actually it's sort of entertaining in a bored nothing to do kind of way.
In between there's always Solitaire, which I managed to complete in 48 seconds.
A personal record.
So yeah, I guess I did accomplish something today.
Sort of.
The great thing is, there's always tomorrow.
That full suspension Mongoose is looking pretty good.
I wonder if they'll take forty?


Trevor Woodford said...

I must admit that auction sites can be a good form of entertainment....I am always amazed at some of the rubbish in the descriptions....good if your bored!!


Anonymous said...

One man's trash is another man's gold.
Or something.

Chandra said...

Hi Limom,
I always drool at any Panasonic / Bridestone bike on CL! That's one good reason for me to stay away from that site ;)

Peace :)

watcher of CL said...

Boy, I really nice RB3 came up today!
Too bad it was too big for me.