Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

Cleaning house.
That's what I've been doing these last couple of days.
Now, instead of one box o'crap, I got three boxes of bicycle parts that I may or may not ever use.
Well okay, I sort of know what stuff that I'll use later and then there's the stuff that I might use, and then there's the stuff that I'll never use, but in my mind I still might use.
So hard to get rid of stuff.
Well, what I did to the large box o'crap was I separated all the stuff sort of by component.
I got one box of handle bars and seat posts and stems and related stuff.
Another box of drive train stuff like derailleurs and brake levers and cables.
Then I got another box, the largest one, with just stuff.
You got your water bottle cages, grips, bar tape, bracket stuff for rear racks, bracket stuff for I don't know what but it may come in handy, and a jar of nuts and bolts.
I also have some nuts and bolts in a separate tool thingy, but I sort of know what those nuts and bolts are for. In there are also some bracket thingys for lights and some of the lights themselves.
Then there is the Man Bling Receptacle which is bordering on non closure. I may have to upgrade to one of them 747 boxes.
Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Like those three boxes of stuff.
So, I have decided to use some other tools at my disposal and post up a bunch of stuff on CL in hopes that my crap becomes someone elses crap.
That would include most but not all of the stuff I think I might need but in reality I will never need.
Or in some cases don't want no more.
Getting rid of stuff is sort of a mental process for me.
Once I decide it's no longer needed it's as good as gone.
I don't want it around no more in case I change my mind.
So I separate all that stuff that is good as gone to someplace where I can't look at in anymore just in case I look at it and decide that okay, I could use it some time down the road.
So now I need a fourth box in which to put all these discards so that it's out of my sight.
Which is a good thing for if nothing sells in an allotted time, I just take it over to the bicycle co-op and hopefully they can make use of it.
Which is a good thing.
The bad thing is that with the money I get from the things I no longer physically own, I used it to acquire more stuff.
Hopefully stuff I need and use, but sometimes it becomes stuff I think I might use and the process starts all over again.
I gotta say, one of the bad things about selling stuff on CL is that you have to meet your marks, I mean customers face to face and sometimes they want to like talk about bicycles and stuff while you just want to hand over the stuff and take your money so these meetings seem to last like forever.
I try to be nice to these unsuspecting folks for you never know when they'll be in the need for more of your stuff.
Sort of like building a clientele.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, a great way to spend a Sunday morning.
If you are into this sort of thing.
Time to check on the eVilness!
Auction is almost ending.


Trevor Woodford said...

I can keep something for years and never use I decide to get rid of it.....and then once it's gone I find that I do need it after all. This always happens so I no longer get rid of anything..!!

my stuff is better than your stuff said...

Boy, I don't even want to know about your stuff!