Saturday, November 19, 2011

Decorating the Half Roundness

I'm sort of running out of ideas here.
I mean I got all these bowls and it's like they all can't be glazed differently.
Well okay they can, but it's a pain to sit there and be all creative and such.
So what I've been doing is working in sort a series, glazing these things in like patterns using different colors.
Some folks want bowls in sets, but when I did these I made them in all different sizes and shapes. I haven't done a set of bowls in some time, or a set of anything for that matter.
At least some of them will sort of look the same.
I went back to my polka dot thingy:

I forgot how much I like doing this and there are more color combinations I can use.
It's fairly fast, each bowl only taking a half hour or so and doing the dots is faster than the taping off thing I was doing.
I mean still doing:

This is an old trick, contrasting the roundness of the bowl with some geometric pattern inside like a triangle or square.
Sort of difficult to keep the lines straight, but easier than the Mondrian thing I was doing.
I think I'm finding a rhythm now, the bowls are getting done in bunches.
The thing is my kiln is so small that now I'm only able to fire off two bowls at one time. All the smaller bowls are pretty much done.
So now I figure I might as well make big bowls, you know, to the size of the kiln, that way I'm not wasting so much space.
Thursday will be my last 'wet' day, as the I'll only have ten days from there to finish up.
Meanwhile, I got this invitation to do this fundraiser for one of the museums here, a sort of high mucka mucka thing where my work will be on display at the local Neiman Marcus for sale later.
Thing is, they want something new so here I go again, I need to come up with a couple of pieces worthy of the occasion.
I got until January 5 to get that in.
Oh boy, the pressure is on.

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