Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Final

Today turned out to be a really nice day!
All the clouds disappeared and the winds sort of calmed so I hit the road, a little late, and burned some rubber!
Okay not really.
About the burning rubber part.
First of all, lemme say that I've been thinking about this post JRA of OSG fame did a while back.
I take a multi vitamin daily, mainly cause the machine sucks out all the soluable vitamins when it removes the fluid from my blood.
I ran out of my Centrums last week, and it didn't really occur to until today, that my lethargy could be from my lack of essential vitamins and minerals.
I wake up really tired and on the bicycle, I just don't seem to have the same zippity do dah.
If you know what I mean.
Now my circumstance is special as I said, I need to replenish the vitamins the dialysis machine removes, but I think that making sure your body has all the vitamins it needs is important cause I can feel the difference when I don't take them.
Vitamins I mean.
Anyways, I was out burning up the asphalt and thinking of this so after I'm done posting I'm hitting up the ole drug store and restocking my vitamin supply.
It's like rocket fuel to me don't you know.
So as I was coming back to Flat Tire Central, I stopped next to the marshy place cause they've been doing some cleaning up:

That is pretty much sea level as the water rises and lowers with the tides.
Well they got this signage there that tells about the marsh and the native birds that make it home and they also had this drawing showing how the area came to be a marsh:

If you've been following along at home, you remember back in this post me talking a little about how the area was formed. Well that drawing explains it graphically as you can see the volcano and how it collapsed to create the windward side of the island.
I left the image a little bigger so you can click it and check it out.
Anyways, I guess folks are cleaning up the area so that the native water fowl have some nice digs to hang around in.
As I was standing there, this little fella came swimming on by:

Yeah, bad pic cause I forgot to use the zoom thingy on my camera.
Take my word for it, it was one of these:

Hopefully more of the native birds come back as they've been trying to reduce the number of ducks that have been hanging around.
Come to think of it, I haven't seen ducks in a while, so maybe birds like the alae ula have a fighting chance.
I'll be keeping my eyeballs peeled.
Boy, that's not a very pretty image.
Having my eyeballs peeled I mean.
Nice Sunday ride, now it's back to glazing hell.
I need to invent a machine.
Or something.


John Romeo Alpha said...

That's a very cool informational sign about how the volcano formed into that area. Your vitamin situation sounds like something to talk to your doctor about though.

limom said...

I'll bet most folks have no clue about how this side of the island was formed.
I didn't know until I took a Haw'n geography class.
I'm supposed to take what's called a renal vitamin, but I figure if I'm going to take one I might as well get A to Zinc.

Chandra said...

It is always great to see the reemergence of native species in a habitat.

I liked the non-ocean pics!

Paz :)

limom said...

Unfortunately, we have way too many invasive plants and animals here.