Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

Now I'm really fat.
More fatness!
Well yesterday, I had to go and visit the clay place to get more clay and some new glazes.
On the way home I was forced to make a slight detour.
The other day, I spied one of these side of the highway vendors doing her thing.
Around these parts, it's not unusual to see folks selling all kinds of stuff like dried ahi or aku, flowers, or in this case pateles.
Okay, that's not how you really spell it.
Another word gone bastardized by us locals.
It's actually pasteles.
A Puerto Rican thing that has sort of found a place in our local diet.
Except that there aren't many Puerto Rican restaurants so I gotta get my fix by the side of the road:

I was just talking to someone at work about these things and how it's been a while since I had one.
Since you sort of have to track someone down who makes them, and that someone is usually parked on some road somewhere.
Besides besides the road, I think I had some when some dude came driving around in his car selling these things at lunchtime.
Or something.
All I know is that I only know of one place that actually sells them over the counter and that is called appropriately, The Pastele Shop.
Unfortunately it's over on the other side, closer to where I work.
Anyways, I turned the ole car around and followed the sign.
To this:

Which is how it usually is, with or without tent.
Anyways, the lady selling them was really nice and assured me that these pateles were not left over from yesterday or anything.
Sort of strange, but in the couple of times I've seen her there, I've never seen anyone stopped off there.
I was kind of thinking about that as I drove over, I mean I think she's sort of new to the patele game, meaning I've never seen her around before.
Well, the pateles themselves go for like $3.50 each, which is sort of pricy, but after I saw them I knew why.
They are large.
Maybe even extra large.
She also had some Spanish rice(SR) for like $5 in one of them 1 lbs. containers.
Got home and wow! everything was still hot/warm!
The SR:

Now I've never to Spain.
That's a Three Dog Night song!
Anyways, I've never been to Spain so I can't comment on the authenticity of said rice, but it was tasty.
Now the tricky part.
The pateles are wrapped in foil and cooked oh, I don't know how, but you have to unravel them to eat them:

Look at that puppy!
Usually they're only like about 2/3rds the size.
Okay, slowly unwrap, careful cause you don't want to spill the juice.
The juice is good.


Available in spicy or mild.
Gonna try them spicy ones next time.
The Flat Tire.
You guide to island cuisine.
Sort of.

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