Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It Ain't Over Yet, What the Calculator Said

It was over but now it's not over.
I thought it was sort of done, but now it's not done.
In fact, it sort of started up again.
The Great Frame Search(GFS) continues!
Sort of.
The word I received from the kind folks over at Pelizzoli is not exactly what I wanted to hear.
The standard Columbus SL frame sounds like it's going to be pretty basic.
I mean it's lugged and all, but no frills.
No chrome, no pantographed stuff.
Which is stuff I sort of wanted.
I mean I was dreaming of some chromed lugged goodness, and now I gotta rethink this whole thing as no options will be available on the basic frame.
Which also means no chrome fork crown and no chrome chain stay.
Which also means it's sort of getting away from what I consider Italian frame goodness.
The Columbus Spirit frame however is fully custom.
The thing is, I don't want no over sized tubes.
I want them skinny tubes, you know, a more classic looking frame.
Then again, it's not like the Spirit tubes are huge or anything.
They have extremely thin walls, like .38mm thin, so durability has me worried.
Not that I figure on crashing or tossing my bicycle around, but you never know.
The good part is that I suppose I could chrome the whole frame if I wanted to, not that I would, but I could.
I'll at least have me some chrome lugs and the fork is way nicer.
I'm not sure the custom options are enough to sway me towards the over sized tubes though.
So anyways, I've fired off another email asking about custom options.
The pictures of the standard frame should be coming around soon, so I'll be waiting to see what that looks like too.
Seems like I'm making some compromises here and this is something I didn't want compromise.
Well I sort of already am so I didn't want to compromise my compromise.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, stay tuned.
This looks to get a bit more complicated.
In other news, I went and measured up all my particulars, you know, so I could send them numbers in and see what some online fit calculators said.
Actually only one calculator, the one over on the Competitive Cyclist site.
What it told me is nothing really new.
Bicycle size around 49 to 50 and a top tube around 53 so I'm right where I'm supposed to be, a Goldilock's like just right.
I'm just going to go with a slightly smaller TT, around 52 or so, 53 seems a bit too aggressive for me.
The thing about going with a slightly larger frame is the head tube is a bit taller, so that may help also.
Seems to me this whole fit thing is way too difficult.
I mean it should be easy, but I guess it's not especially taking into consideration that all men are not created equal.
Still it seems that with all the adjustments available, seat, stem etc., one could get pretty darn close.
The thing is, I'm not really sure how close is close or how far is far.
I suppose if I try enough things enough times I'll sort of get the hang of it.
Better to go by the seat of my shorts than what some calculator says.
Who knows, maybe I'm already fit, but I just don't know it.
Maybe as long as my bicycle isn't giving me any aches and pains, besides the usual I mean, every thing is okay.
In other words, maybe I'm looking for a problem that isn't there.
I mean I've ridden some 60 miles and come away feeling like I could go a bit more so it's not like the bicycle is beating me up.
Well okay, sometimes the bicycle beats me up, but then I just don't lube the chain until it learns its lesson.
Or maybe I've learned my lesson.
Or something.

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