Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

This is not going well.
Well, it's going well enough that I haven't hit Stage I Panic yet, but it's getting close.
For one thing, it's all on me.
I don't' seem to have any magic, any sense of what I'm doing.
Even the Mondrian bowls are a bit goofy:

See the brush strokes are visible in the red section.
Not good.
This will need another application of glaze to smooth out the color.
I seem to be refiring a lot of these bowls, out of this last batch, only one came out commercially acceptable.
So now in my Box o'Bowls(BOB), I got six.
Six bowls and three weeks to go.
Part of the reason is that I can only get three or four bowls into the kiln at one time, only two if they are the bigger ones.
In the batch I'm firing now, four are refires since the glaze didn't come out to my satisfaction.
I gotta say, it gets sort of depressing seeing stuff come out of the kiln looking like crap:

I've already refired this bowl and it still looks kinda funky.
Some of the color combinations I'm using just aren't working out for me and I'm getting a bit frustrated.
I may just end up going with solid colors, going safe.
I don't much like being safe, but sometimes when it's not happening, it's well, safe.
Even when they come out half way decent they come out funky:

It's like someone hit it with an ugly stick and that someone is me.
I need to find that stick and rid myself of it.
Cause them deadlines are a looming.
I need to hit the road and clear the head.
Or something.
There are like twenty more bowls to go and today I'm doing platters so I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong.
Making crap ain't a whole lotta fun.
If you know what I mean.

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