Monday, November 21, 2011

I Give Up

It's no use.
I just can't do it.
I mean I tried and tried but I just couldn't get a grasp on the whole thing.
So all bets are off.
No frame to end all frames.
This year.
The way I figure, I'll like never make up my mind.
There's like a GAGILLION frames out there that I want and choosing one is just not going to happen.
The more I looked into it, the more I studied up on steel tubes and lugs and brazing and seat stays and stems and all that well, it just boggled my mind.
I like that word.
I mean I don't even know why I'm so fixated on something Italian.
It's not like they cornered the market on frame building.
The Italians I mean.
Hell folks make bicycle frames like all over the world!
There's even a dude that makes frames right here!
Besides, I've hyped up this frame to end all frames a bit too much.
Okay, the Mother of All Frames may just exist, just not in my world.
So I'll just be happy to frighten women and children and scorch the roads with the Celeste Devil.
Oh Celeste Devil, how could I think of betraying you?
Since I'm retiring the Ciocc, I still need a back up bicycle.
You know, just in case.
Did someone say Ciocc?
I think I said Ciocc!
You did, didn't you?
I mean it's not like I'm fixated on the Ciooc, even though the name sounds kinda cool.
Okay, I have been thinking about Ciocc!
Just not the Ciocc Ciocc.
The Ciocc Ciocc.
I like the way that sounds too.
Anyways, the new Ciocc is not the same as the old Ciocc.
So I think I'm just going to order something from here.
I hope this dude don't get mad at me for posting up his ride, but it's the only built up picture I got:

Going with Pelizzoli just sort of came to me.
In a dream.
Okay, not really.
Oh and that's not really the frame I'll be ordering as they are coming out with two new road frames.
One a 'standard' frame using Columbus SL, the other a custom using Columbus Spirit.
No pics yet as I think they are still working on them.
I've already sent off an email and will let you folks know what's happening.
Anyways, the more I looked into frames, the more I realized that there's this pricing tier I wouldn't/couldn't cross over.
Unfortunately/fortunately it was right where my budget was.
To get the type of frame I was looking at would have taken me north of three large, and I just wasn't prepared to head North.
I mean I want a nice frame and all, but seriously, I had a hard time visualizing myself on a three thousand dollar frame.
I'm delusional, but not that delusional.
I'm also not made out of cashola.
I work(sometimes) for my money.
If you know what I mean.
Besides, I hope to be around riding my bicycle to one day cross over to that next tier.
Anyways, I gave up and gave in.
Pelizzoli it is!
Now I just gotta figure out which frame.
That may take a while.
Oh, more on this later.


John Romeo Alpha said...

That looks like an excellent choice for crushing souls.


RANTWICK said...

Ah, the sweet hell of pondering such decisions... glad I'm not alone.

limom said...

JRA, more like a wallet crusher.

Rantwick, do tell.

Steve A said...

My sister will be disappointed to hear about the Ciocc retirement. Her Ciocc will be more disappointed.

limom said...

Both should be overjoyed that I am going back to the source.