Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

I've become so desperate that I've taken to theft.
Sadly it's true.
I have an excuse though.
Stage I Panic.
Disregard all that.
I've been inspired!
First of all, that stack of bowls I need to glaze just got bigger as yesterday I took another seven out of the ole kiln that need to be glazed.
Then I loaded in another seven, which are coming out this morning.
So I got to thinking, hmmmmm, now I got like 29 bowls I need to get working on!
I need inspiration!
Well, I've been tooling around with this idea for some time, and I figured if la Vie Claire, and Toshiba and Look can do it, so can I:

The taping off is the time consuming part.
Okay, it's all time consuming, but the taping I've found is a bit tricky.
You have to fudge the lines a bit to make them appear straight in curve of the bowl.
Once you set down the tape, you can glaze the line.
I use the tape to get a nice clean line.
Let the glaze dry, peel the tape and voila!

The first one I did looks kind of goofy, the second one looks a little better.
Piet Mondrian took cubism to the extreme:

I believe the arrangement of the cubes actually represents something, I remember seeing a series of sketches showing how he deconstructed a tree, or maybe it was a cow, into cubist form.
I dig Mondrian for his use of color.
I also like working with the primaries; they make me happy.
This whole Mondrian thing started when I decided to do the bowls using only two or three colors each.
Then I figured I needed to bisect the colors with a black line to create more contrast, and once the black line came into play, so did ole Piet:

For now, I'm only doing the insides like this, the outsides are white and I'm going to try one in black.
Mondrian by the way, was also a member of De Stijl, a well known design group that included Mies van der Rohe, a dude who designed a famous chair.
I think I'm going to play with this for a dozen bowls or so, by then I should be tired of doing it, and I'll move on to something else I'm ripping off.
I mean inspired by.
It's also time to do another issue of them chain and tire coffee mugs, maybe I'll get on a couple of them today.
The weather was kinda lousy this past week, but looks like it's back to normal so hopefully I can hit the road later.
Maybe something original will hit me.
Like a brick.


Trevor said...

The pattern on those bowls really does it for me....I love them.! Rip off or inspiration I don't care.


Mark said...

Whats so funny about Mies, love and understanding.

I think it was Picasso who said "a good artist borrows, but a great artist steals."

limom said...

Trevor, thanks! I've always wanted to do something Mondrianish.
Now I need to find me one of them la Vie Claire or Toshiba jerseys in my size.
Or maybe one of them cool Look frames.
Okay, not really.
About the Look frame.

Mark, now you know everytime I listen to Elvis Costello I'm going to think of that!
By the way, you shouldn't have mentioned that Picasso thing.
Now I'm going to rip off everything and everybody.
Pointilism is next.
Or maybe some Pollockness.