Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Final

Oh boy.
First of all, it was sort of a nice day, the sun was a shining and the wind was a blowing.
Did I mention the wind was a blowing?
Let's check The Flat Tire anemometer:

A bit o'chop on the water there.
Which means, a little bit o'wind to deal with.
Well I wasn't going to power through the wind all day so I decided to take it easy on the pavement and just cruise around.
Let me tell you, just cruising around in the wind is not really just cruising around!
I mean I felt like I was a pedaling pretty hard but when I looked at the Prevaricating Garmin, I was like hardly moving!
Very annoying.
Part of it is that it's sort of side ways wind, so you kind of catch it coming going.
No free rides to day, nosirreebob!
So anyways, a funny thing happened on the way to the beach today.
First, the obligatory winter pictures:

These guys were out in the bay.
These guys were kinda way out there:

If you squint yer eyeballs, you can see the whitecaps way out there in the real ocean.
It was a windy today.
Anyways, I was like riding around on the Ciocc and suddenly! I was feeling pretty good.
I mean the bicycle was feeling pretty good, like my position was feeling pretty good.
Not stretched out at all.
So I got to thinking.
Which is usually not a good thing for sometimes bad things happen when I think.
Anyways, I was thinking, just what is going on here?
The last time I rode this I wasn't liking it so much, but now well, I'm sort of liking it!
My overall position felt better than on the Celeste Devil!
So I got to thinking again, just what is going on here?
I figured that since I spent so much time off the bicycle, it would take me a couple of rides to get back that ole aero position and to get comfortable again.
My thinking is that more I ride, the more flexible I get and the more I get used to this whole road bike position thing.
Well I was feeling pretty good tooling around but then I started to get worried.
I mean here I am, about to order a new frame and I still don't know what the hell I want.
Should I order a 49, like the Celeste Devil, or a 50 or maybe a 51, the same size as the Ciocc?
Okay, I don't like that I'm using a 70mm stem on the Ciocc, that makes me think it's too big.
So maybe I should go right in between and go with a 50.
Or maybe I should go talk to someone who actually knows what the hell they are doing.
Or maybe I'll just keep the Ciocc and get another bicycle anyway.
Or something.
I think I'll try one of them online fit calculators and see what comes out.
You know, just to see.
Then I can get all confused all over again.
Okay, where's my measuring tape?


John Romeo Alpha said...

Once I found the size and basic setup that fit me, I use that as a reference for sizing and setting up other bikes. Sounds like you are still looking for that reference bike. Wise dude at a bike shop told me which one was mine, and he was exactly right.


Trevor said...

I am the same as JRA.
I got measured and fitted at a bike shop and those details are my basic reference measurements for each bike.

Whenever I have obtained a new bike, those measurements have been used for the sizing and setting up.

Once you have those reference details nothing needs to change and life becomes a lot simpler.


limom said...

I'm beginning to think that there's more to this fit thing than meets the eyeballs.