Monday, November 14, 2011

Why I Need Electrictronical Shifting

Il est informidable!
Il est fantastique!
Il est manifique!

Ou quelque chose.
So Campagnolo has finally done it.
Went and gone all electronic on us.
What is the world coming to?
Okay, they had to do it.
I mean Shimano went and one upped them, not in the gear selection sense since Shimano is still one gear short, NFL(not for long), but in the sense that DA Di2 is like more flagship than Super Record.
So now we got Super Duper Record(SDR)!
Campagnolo should have changed the name and called it the Most Bad Ass Group Set Known To Mankind(MBAGKTM).
Take that Mr. Shimano, we got us some electrical shifting too, plus we got one extra gear!
That's right newfangledness fans!
Campagnolo has got the most fantastical group set shifting on the face of the Earth.
Okay, but do I need it?
I mean do I really really really need it?
First let's look at the bad.
I don't need a bicycle that I need to plug in.
Looks sort of bulky.
It's like really expensive.
Okay now the good.
No more cables to adjust.
No more missed shifts.
Blingaliciuos factor.
Okay, cost is sort of a negative, but it can also be a positive.
Or a negative.
Or a positive.
Get it? positive, negative? as in electrical? plus, minus?
I gotta say, Shimano's version looks better.
No matter how much carbon you slap on there, as in Campagnolo's design, the stuff still looks a bit strange.
Front derailleur especially:

Bike Rumor

Looks like an AAA battery stuck on top there.
This is the good part.
I mean this is where I can see electronic shifting being a good thing.
Making that shift on the front is where I can really see it being a benefit as it has the longest throw.
The derailleur also trims automatically so if you really need to cross chain, no need to worry.
I mean I would seriously dig having some electronic shifting on the front!
Not so much on the rear.
I mean Campagnolo's shifting is pretty darn fast in back and you can shift multiple gears at one stroke.
If electronic shifting is faster in back, I don't really see that much of an advantage.
The thing is I been thinking about it.
As you can see.
This whole electronic shifting thing has sort of put Shimano back on my radar since now shifting can be done at the touch of a button.
Now Dura Ace Di2 and Super Record EPS is outta the question unless I sell like a GAGILLION bowls, but that Ultegra stuff might just make it into wishful thinking land.
Okay, this goes against my previous electronica stand, but I've been missing some front shifts recently and this newfangled stuff would go a long way to soothing my cycling soul.
Sort of.
In all seriousness, this stuff would trump my Swarovski crystal laden valve stem caps by a mile.
Then again, in my case it would be like eating some Beluga caviar while watching the Flintstones and washing it all down with a Pepsi.
If you know what I mean.


Trevor said...

I'm pretty 'positive' that I'm still 'negative' about all this electronic shifting lark......

Maybe I'll just go back to 3 speed Sturmey Archer!!

Steve A said...

That front dérailleur battery looks more like a "C" than a "AAA."

limom said...

Trevor, it's only a matter of time before you reverse your polarity.

Steve A, c'mon, it's not that honkin big.