Saturday, November 26, 2011

Working with Ugo, OMG!

So I found this video on Yootoob and I thought it was interesting.
Seems like Mr. Pelizzoli is giving some folks a tour of his shop and another dude is translating for him.
The translation is spotty, but the shop tour is cool.
Look at all the Italian Goodness hanging from the rafters!
All the pretty colors!
Reminds me of Santa's workshop.
Check out all the tubes laying around and the Chinese carbon frames.
If you look good, you will also see a couple of Viner frames against the wall.
I don't understand Italian, but I'm beginning to really like Mr. Pelizzoli:

If you listen good, you can hear Mr. Pelizzoli say how he worked under Ugo De Rosa.
Since we're all Pelizzoli today, here are some pics from Bloggerland citizen Scott, who kindly agreed to share pics of his bicycle.
I hope he doesn't mind, but I hit them up to crop and increase the contrast:

Holy works of art Batman! Check out them brakes!
Yes friends, the truly unobtainable.
The Eighth Wonder of the World, Campagnolo Delta brakes.
Even if I had them, I don't know if I'd actually use them.
I mean they belong in like a glass case.
Or something.
Chapeau Scott!
I've also been doing more looking around at them Columbus Spirit tubes. I'm not sure I like the over sized look and all but I'll wait for the pics of the new frame.
Maybe if just the down tube was OS, that would be okay.
I really like the thin tube look, it's classic and I think a lugged bike should have classic lines.
I think if I were going fillet brazed, that would be a different story as a brazed frame looks more contemporary anyways.
Okay, off to finish off the ceramic thing and undo a rather large goof I made last night.
More on that later.


Steve A said...

Nice Ciocc in that bottom photo!

limom said...

Yeah, I was digging them thin chrome stays.

Nicholas Stathos said...

Hi was wondering if you have any info on that ciocc in background