Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

There are good signs and there are bad signs.
I like good signs, you know, signs that things are going well, really humming along.
Bad signs, not so much.
Still bad signs are a sign that at least something's going on.
Then there are things that can be good signs or bad signs:

Usually this might be good sign, except right now it's a not so good sign.
Anytime I break out the Dremelizer on ceramics means I'm trying to fix some mistakes and/or things are being refired.
These things for example:

You can't see them here, but there are four little feetsies holding that thing up.
The thing is, them thingys warp and the feetsies get all wobbly and I gotta Dremelize them back into non-wobbly flatness.
Not very fun even using a silica carbide bit thingy.
Very slow going.
I did five of them, and it looks like only four are going to make it.
The last one is just too far gone.
Lesson learned.
Then there's all this demon dust:

It's like some eVil incarnation of Tinker Bell goes flying around in the kiln depositing little flakes of who knows what creating little imperfections in the glaze.
That need to be Dremelized out, reglazed and refired.
I've had to do four of them.
So far.
Then there's the What the Hell Was I Thinking(WTHWIT) bowl.
Seriously, what the hell was I thinking?

I loaded this up after coming back from dialysis, you know, when I'm really not thinking too good.
To tell you the truth, I don't remember loading it up at all, I just remember needing to get another load in.
Well it seems that I forgot to stilt this bowl, I stilt everything for the pots are glazed on the bottoms too.
What happens when glaze touches shelf?

Glaze, meet shelf.
Shelf says, how you doing? I like you so much, I'd like to make you a permanent friend.
Not happening says I equipped with chisel.
My once pristine shelf now has a nice round chisel mark reminding me of my doofessness.
Thank goodness I'm almost done!
Now hopefully someones buys this stuff as I still got stuff from last year:


Trevor said...

That all looks pretty impressive all standing there on those shelves...!!


limom said...

Unfortunately, that was last year.