Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Night at the Movies

Well it didn't actually start off that way.
Not really anyways.
If you've been following along at home you, the reader, remember that I got this a while back:

Well, I got around to reading it, not just looking at the great pictures.
Which are great.
The pictures I mean.
So after reading about all the exploits of the brave and insane bicycle folks who have signed up to do Paris-Roubaix, and after reading this book you'll agree with me, those folks are crazy, I remembered that over on Youtube someone posted up the movie A Sunday in Hell.
If you've seen it before, it's worth seeing again.
The first time I saw it, it was split up into like six Youtube parts, now it's available in one shot.
Well, I never got to watch it.
Not all of it anyways.
See I found some other interesting stuff like Tour de France-Hell on Wheels.
It's a feature length German film that follows the Telecom Team during the TdF sometime in the mid 2000s. I forget the year, but Lance was still with the US Postal team so maybe like 2003?
Anyways it's a really great movie with great photography!
You get a real feel for the speed of the racers!
It also follows Erik Zabel the sprinter as he crashes that year and is pretty much out of contention.
Poor fellow.
The parts when they get to the mountains is nice too.
Okay, watching that was only part of my night, because earlier, I found a movie about the Giro, The Greatest Show on Earth.
Boy, that made me want to get out and ride my bicycle!
Well, it turns out that there are a whole bunch of full length cycling features up on Youtube now.
Pretty cool that instead of having to watch them in parts, they're now all together like, without commercial interruption.
Well, unless you want to insert your own interruptions, you know, for like a favorite cold beverage or the bathroom.
Or something.
Anyways, check it out!
I mean if you like watching folks do superhuman things on a bicycle.
Sort of makes me feel really insignificant and slow.
Slower, I mean.
Oh, and it doesn't have to be a night at the movies.
It could be an afternoon or morning, or mid morning or mid afternoon or midnight or late afternoon or early morning or-
Well, you get my drift.


Trevor said...

I'm a great cycling film fan and as you say...great to watch at any time - morning, noon or night.

Your right, Hell on Wheels was about the 2003 TDF.


Steve A said...

Have y'all seen "Pure Sweet Hell?" about the Cross Nation. I have the DVD. Just saying. I hadn't heard about all the road boy variants...

John Romeo Alpha said...


limom said...

Trevor, they can be pure inspiration.
Or devastation.

Steve A, will check it out.

JRA, pumpkin cobbles with nozzles.
I gotta say though, some of them cobbles ain't cobbles, they're more like rocks in the ground.