Friday, November 4, 2011

Tails of Destruction, Tails of Laziness

The Dog.
He's a good dog, as far as dogs go.
I mean he's a pooping machine, though I suppose most dogs are.
Anyways, one of the extra accessories he is equipped with is something I call the Tail of Destruction.
The problem is mostly his height and his happiness, for he is the approximate height of the coffee table, and when he saunters by, since happiness in dog language is measured by the oscillations of his rear extremity, anything not nailed down to the table is subject to abuse by said swinging tail.
Hence the Tail of Destruction(TOD).
I've come to set things down on the table beyond the radius of said swing, but sometime I forget, so it's not really his fault that things get destroyed.
Actually it's quite entertaining to see things fly off the table top, and the surprised look on The Dog's face as objects magically appear on the floor.
Well imagine my surprise when The Pooper(aka The Dog) was just walking around(JWA) and the Tail of Destruction(TOD) found my favorite cold beverage container(FCBC)!
Needless to say, destruction ensued.
Namely, the temporary destruction of my electronic rodent device:

I gotta say, using the touch pad thingy on my laptop is not my favorite activity.
Screen navigation becomes an exercise in slow motion and it's almost impossible to play Solitaire.
If you know what I mean.
We'll after drying out for two days, I'm happy to announce that the electronic rodent device is back on line after being immersed in my favorite cold beverage and my Solitaire scores are once again impressive.
The world is right again.
In other news, the other day, I got this:

The Noblest Invention, by the editors of Bicycling Magazine, covers a little bit of everything cycling related, from history of to the different use of well, the bicycle.
It's an interesting read, though most of the content has been covered before, something to pass a rainy afternoon with.
I mean if you already ride a bicycle with any frequency, you already know that it is a pretty cool invention.
I can't really recommend purchasing it, unless you just gotta have every book ever written about bicycles, so maybe if your local library has it you can borrow it.
Or give it to a bicyclist friend and borrow it from them.
Or something.
Lastly, I've been pretty lazy lately.
Which is different from just being lazy, Stage I, being pretty lazy is like Stage II Laziness(S2L).
I'm usually Stage I Laziness(S1L), which isn't that bad for Stage I Laziness(S1L) is when you sort of got stuff to do but don't do it.
Stage II Laziness(S2L) is like when you have stuff to do but don't do it:

I'm like looking at that stack of bowls grow by the day, wondering just what I'm going to do with them and having no idea.
Okay, I have some idea, just not enough idea to actually start doing the idea.
Maybe instead of an idea I should call it an inkling.
Or maybe an inclination.
I sort of know what I want to do, but not really.
In another week or so I'll be in Stage III Laziness(S3L) cause then I'll really be needing to get started, but I won't.
Be getting started I mean.
Stage III Laziness(S3L) is not a good thing for it usually leads to Stage I Panic(S1P).
Stage I Panic(S1P) is when you realize that you better get going or it's possible that you may not finish.
Still it's better than Stage II Panic(S2P), which is when you actually get started and realize that you may not finish.
In case you, the reader, are wondering, there is no Stage III Panic.
Stage III Panic has been reclassified as Stage I Futility(S1F).
As in Exercise of.
Futility(EOF) I mean.
So anyways, it's time to get off my Tail of Laziness(TOL) and get going.
Them bowls won't glaze themselves.
Though I wish they would.
Glaze themselves I mean.


Big Oak said...

I think exasperation fits in there somewhere between S1F and S2P. Funny thing about that moment - it's quite striking and if handled properly, can lead to great clarity. Or disaster.

limom said...

When exasperation hits, one word comes to mind: improvisation
May not always work but hey! at least you're trying.