Monday, November 7, 2011


So here's how it came to be.
First of all, I did a lot of thinking.
I found that a lot of thinking didn't do me any good.
Sometimes it's just good to go ahead and plunge(favorite word) into it and see what happens.
So with the first bowl I did, I just used one color:

The idea was to used a different color on each bowl partly so that each one would be different, and partly to conserve the glazes.
I sort figured out this wasn't really going to work as soon as I started it, but at least I started it.
Then I decided to border the color, to make it pop:

Adding the black border separates the color and it helps the eyeball to sort it all out.
This is where I decided to go all in to the Mondrian thing.
I was sort of hesitant for taping off all the lines is a major pain, but you sort of have to in order to get it right.
It keeps the color separation tight and helps to prevent bleeding.
Of colors I mean.
In this example, I left the outside white:

After thinking about it, I'm going to do the outsides in black for more contrast.
There is also one more variation I'm working on that I think will be cool.
We'll see in a couple of days.
There's also an abstraction of this I'm thinking of that may or may not work out.
Sometimes things come in stages, a progression of thoughts and ideas, until you finally figure it out.
For the Mondrian thing, I was actually going to do tiles, but since I'm doing bowls well, I decided to do bowls.
Necessity is the mother of invention and all that.
So for the next couple of days, I'll be a taping and a glazing until my fingers are raw.
Burning the midnight oil.
Keeping my nose to the grindstone.
Working overtime.
Or something.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Are Paul Klee bowls next? I ask only because that sounds really hard.

limom said...

You think you are smart no Clouseau?
Perhaps that is not Klee, but Miro?