Monday, November 28, 2011

Have ____ , Will Travel

So I've been thinking.
That I carry a lot of stuff with me when I go out on my bicycle.
I just can't help it as all sorts of scenarios go through my head and I want to be prepared.
So I got this waist pack thingy, but it's getting all old and decrepit so I was thinking that I need a new one.
Or not one.
Let's see exactly what's in it:

Okay, you got your tire pump, tire patch kit, piece of inner tube, presta gauge, tire lever, note pad, pen, dental floss, lighter, small screw driver, extra batteries, aspirin, monocular, and a Waialua Soda bottle cap.
Now, do I really need all this stuff?
The thing is, I got a spare tube, tire patch kit, and tire lever already in the seat bag; I never use them.
I usually use the stuff in my waist pack.
Maybe that's a bit redundant.
The presta gauge I sort of need, I mean gotta fill back up to the correct pressure, non?
Note pad and pen, you know, for just in case I get like a brilliant idea.
Or need to get a phone number.
Or something.
Etc, etc.
Now somewhere around here is post that shows what I used to carry, which lemme tell you is more than you see here now.
I mean I really trimmed my load, for more speed and all that.
So now I'm thinking that the waist pack is not very aero and losing that will gain me a couple of miles per hour.
Besides it makes my back kinda toasty and sweaty.
Instead of what I really need, what don't I really need?
There's more:

I almost forgot the essentials!
Wallet, check!
Phone, check!
Moolah, check!
Music player thingy, check!
Oh and don't forget the camera, that's usually on the waist pack strap.
Now what can I lose?
Well the thing is, once I stop carrying it, I'll need it.
You all know how that goes.
Okay, I can lose the wallet, I only use that sometimes, and carry just the needed cards.
Maybe wrap some paper around that and lose the pad.
Boy, I really don't want to lose the monocular, cause you just never know when you need to see something up close, like at the beach.
If you know what I mean.
It also turns out I don't need the patch kit since I got the same thing in both saddle bags:

Lastly, I'll just chuck the pump in my jersey pocket.
I was thinking of using the frame mount, but I don't really want to.
Image is everything don't you know.
Let's see what we got:

I think I could live with that in my jersey pocket.
It's sort of heavy, but it's mostly phone, and that presta valve gauge, but I'm working on that.
The gauge I mean.
I'll fold the baggie up and see how it goes.
It'll feel sort of weird without my waist pack, sort of nekkid and all.
Then again, nekkid is a good thing.


Steve A said...

SOME SAY all you need is the cell phone. Others claim you also need the earphones and cell phone data plan. All I know is you want it in CELESTE!

johnnytrashbike said...

i usually go out without anything. i know one of these days i'm gonna get burned with a flat.

do you have an extra water bottle cage? would it all fit in a bottle with a large mouth?

limom said...

Steve A, I'm just about all out of celeste accessories.

johnnytrashbike, I was thinking of one of those storage containers that fit in the cage, but I couldn't find one in celeste.