Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday Stuff

Boy, I can hardly move.
Hawaiian Paralysis.
My eye was bigger than my stomach, but I still ate it all.
I guess that's why man invented couches.
To recline on after you eat all that food.
So anyways, before I ingested like a GAGILLION calories, I was a busy doing my thing:

I got like twelve more thingys to glaze and as much as you, the reader, are getting tired of hearing about it, lemme tell you, I'm getting just as tired working on them.
I've already mangaged to run out of six glazes and it looks like I'll have to go out and get a couple more.
Since I'm all in a clay making mood, I figure I might as well make some mugs too, you know, to give away at Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas, anyone out there brave the early lines?
I guess I'm sort of lucky and cheap cause I get to make most of my gifts.
Good luck shopping now that it's every man for himself.
Well inbetween the glazing and a firing, I been reading this:

23 Days in July, by John Wilcockson follows the US Postal team during the 2004 Tour de France. It's interesting to read about some of the insider stuff that goes on, stuff that you don't normally hear or see through the regular media.
This was the year Lance was going for his sixth and unprecedented win.
It also talks about some of the history of the le Tour and some of the politics involved like how they choose the route and stuff like that.
Most interesting though is all the talk about doping.
The things folks like Hamilton and Landis said back then compared to what came out recently is sort of strange to read.
Sort of a were they lying back then or are they a lying now kind of thing.
Anyways, a good read if you are into bicycle racing and that sort of thing.
It helped me understand what the teams are doing and their stategies and all that stuff.
Finally, my brother and I were talking about doing a tour of the island next year, an around the island trip that would take around three days.
Part of the trip though involves some off road stuff as there isn't a road that circumnavigates the whole island. Out Kaena Point way, there used to be a road but it's unimproved and hasn't been used in as a real road in years.
We figure it's about 120 or so miles completely around, something we could do in two days but we want to do it at an easy pace with plenty of time for goofing around.
This may be a good test for an outer island biking excursion, we'll see how it goes.
Anyways, I feel like I should ride about a 120 miles tomorrow, just to burn off all that turkey and stuffing I ate tonight.
I gotta tell you though, something is compelling me go over and open up that refrigerator again, you know, just to see if I missed anything.
I shall resist temptation!
So anyways, I hope you had a nice and safe Thanksgiving!
Did you eat as much as I did?
I hope so, you know, just so that I don't feel so guilty.


Trevor said...

As we don't celebrate 'Thanksgiving' I can relax in the knowledge that I have eaten a lot less than you.....I trust that you are feeling suitably guilty..!!


limom said...

You sir, are a lucky Purple Devil.

statrixbob said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I rode out to Kapolei and back (50 miles all told) for my sister's annual gathering. Good fun, but I didn't eat enough as I didn't want to die on the way back. :-)

limom said...

Boy, riding my bicycle to a Thanksgiving gathering would feel like riding towards a black hole.
I admire your bravery.