Friday, November 25, 2011

Selling Out

I finally got out on the road today.
That guilty feeling was too much for me to take so I grabbed the Celeste Devil and off I went!
I was worried that after three weeks or so of idleness, the ole legs were going to take a beating, but after a few miles I felt fine.
Fine enough to take on The Big Ring.
I could feel my heart rate rising just thinking about it.
Usually I'm fine just leaving that thingy on the left side alone; I mean my left shifter must be just like brand new seeing as how I hardly use it.
Well I guess the the guilty conscience thing was really affecting me cause before I knew it I was a chugging along, my piston like legs driving me forwards at unheard of speeds!
Photographic evidence that indeed, The Big Ring was in use:

Well after seven miles I said Okay! enought of this! and I went back to happily spinning along my way.
Besides, I think I was blistering the pavement behind me and I think I saw some little girls fainting in the bike lane.
Okay, not really.
About the little girls fainting part.
Anyways, three weeks was not enough to affect my Jedi Skilz.
I felt good about getting back on the bicycle, for one thing, my box o'goods is filling up:

I should be happy about that, but I'm not.
Sort of.
In desperation, I was wel, desparate to find some new glaze pattern, I went ahead and did something I've never done before.
After reading some stuff about Fauvism, I decided to try some geometric pattern that actually depicts something with a local influence.
The thing is, stuff that sells around these parts is usually the stuff with honu(turtles) on them or dolphins or fish or flowers or coconuts or palm trees or waves or sea shells or well, you get the idea.
Them fauvists liked to use wild colors and stuff and that's what I wanted to do as I was sort of getting tired of the same color combinations I was doing.
So I took this:

The Mokulua islands just off of Lanikai, and did this:

I still haven't fired that thing cause I been looking at it and looking at it wondering if it's really where I want to go.
I mean talk about selling out!
Or maybe it's just a good marketing plan.
Or something.
Anyways, that plate is in the queue for the next firing so we'll see how it comes out.
Who knows, maybe I'll actually like it.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Sugarland Pottery Co.!

Chandra said...

I like it. Local and geometric!

Paz :)

limom said...

JRA, obscure reference to a Goldie Hawn movie?

Chandra, thanks! said...

Wow! That plate looks like something that we could stand to display! Good job on it.

limom said...

Thanks for the kind words!