Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Final

It's all coming down to budget.
What should I spend on a frame?
How much is too much?
Well I guess too much is too much if I can't afford it.
On the other hand, even if I could afford it, I'm thinking there's a limit.
More on this later.
So anyways, I been a looking around, poking here and there, leaving no stone unturned in my Quest for a Frame(QFAF).
To tell you the truth, I'm a bit worn out.
I mean after a while, all these frames start to look the same.
So much so that I even started looking at aluminium frames, though not just any aluminium frames, certain aluminium frames:

Okay, make that a certain aluminium frame.
Actually the only aluminium frame I'd consider.
I admit though, the attraction here is strictly physical, image being everything and all.
The thing about Cinelli though, is that it's like Colnago and De Rosa, it's not like you're getting the original product, just a name.
Still, it's a pretty good name:

The Super Corsa kinda nice, but I wish the logos were a bit larger and I'm not sure I like the fully chromed rear.
I think one chromed stay is quite enough thank you.
I am really starting to like this color which the Italians call rossa. It's not a real red, not to me anyways, more like an orange.
What other color screams Italian steel other than orange?
Not even going to go and look at the Xcr, which is stainless, I mean it's like way out of my price range and well, even if it is a Cinelli, I'm not sure it's worth it.
I mean for that kind of scratch, for sure I'd go custom.
Of course you're only getting the Cinelli name, something I make a big thing of, kinda, but with a frame it's a bit different.
The thing is, at this price, I don't even know for sure who's building the frames.
These are no longer small family businesses.
I've also sort of decided that I don't want shaped or over sized tubes.
If I can help it I mean.
The more I think about it, and from riding the Ciocc, I think the over sized and shaped tubing have a lot to do with frame stiffness, something I don't really care too much about.
I don't want brake parts to start a rubbin when I hit the nitrous or anything, but it's not like I generate kilowatts of power either.
Aesthetically straight tubes also look better on a smaller frame, which is what I need.
To be honest, at this point if the Ciocc were a size smaller I'd keep it. I'm not real happy with the way it rides, but it's not like it's killing me to ride it.
I figure I'll chalk it up to experience, after all without riding the Ciocc I'd never have found out that there are certain frame qualities I don't like.
In fact this whole frame thing has been enlightening, to the point of even making me feel like I should appreciate what I already got.
Then again, it's sort of hard to appreciate what I got until I get something else.
If you know what I mean.


John Romeo Alpha said...

What if image really IS everything? Which one looks the best to you above all others, considering nothing else besides image?

Steve A said...

Personally, if I go with an aluminum frame, I'd rather go with the best - a Cannondale handmade in the USA which the latest are not. CAAD4 or later. Mine is a CAAD3.

limom said...

JRA, whoa that's scary!
If image was everything, I'd probably still be looking at a Colnago MasterX.

Steve A, I like the way the CAADs look too.