Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The New (improved?) Kailua!

Just can't stop it.
You know, that thing over there.
Right there!
That's right, that thing, that progress thing.
Boy, when I was younger, we'd take progress out back by the shed and show it a thing or two.
Now, you just can't keep it down:

Yup, seems like you blink your eyeballs and things get torn down and them newfangled progress thingys just pop up overnight!
Everything's prefabbed now so you just lean stuff up against each other and glue on the walls:

All so that some folks, who didn't even grow up here, who don't even have ties to this here place, can buy their fancy coffee beans and high falluting designer veggies.
You know, there was a time here when the only thing on this corner was a couple of service stations and a bank:

At least that part of town still sort of looks the same.
It's only a matter or time though.
You mark my words, in a couple of years those good ole mom and pop places will be gone and all you'll see as you drive down the streets will be them fancy glowing lights and the folks with the fancy shopping bags with their fancy kid walkers taking up the whole sidewalk as they use their plastic cards to buy and take home a small part of this place.
One piece at at time.
You'll see.
Then the folks will complain and the folks who saw it coming and were out there waving their signs cause the Target is coming will be back waving their signs saying "I told you so" and it won't be pretty.
Yessiree Bob, you heard it first right here.
New high falluting market bring in folks that don't even live round these parts, driving their big ole four wheel drive things that don't ever go off the road looking for parking that's way too small and taking up two spaces cause they just gotta have their fancy new food from the fancy new food place.
At least we still got the beach:

You mark my words, you heard it right here!
They'll be coming after that next.
The beach I mean.


John Romeo Alpha said...

limom that chain bought my neighborhood natural store, closed it, gutted it, and then did not open another store in its place. That chain is on my evil list for robbing my neighborhood of a grocery store.

limom said...

Unless they got some super duper cheese bread and awesome kim chee, they're making my short list for now.
The community right now supports no less than five super markets.
The game is on to see which one will succumb to the "progress."
The area of construction is right next to, that's right! a supermarket.
They'll end up almost sharing a parking lot.