Friday, December 10, 2010

Mother Nature Bearing Down

Winter is here and so is the rain.
Hawaiian snow if you will.
Started last night, I could see lightning off to the north, and it's been falling ever since.
Heavy at first, now just a steady fat dropped drizzle.
The winds died down, I estimate the gusts here at around thirty to forty miles per hour.
Yep, it was whipping around pretty good.
Actually it was whipping around pretty good on the other side of the mountain too:

Folks were guessing it hit around sixty at school where the trees took some hits:

What those trees needed was some rain!
I mean here we are, getting our first real wet weather of the season, and these trees, they're like all happy cause they've been like waiting through all the heat and dryness of summer to finally get some real rains and then this.
Maybe if we'd gotten the rain first, then the wind, the trees might have stood a better chance.
Mother Nature in all her irony.
When it rains, it usually means that some kids stay home, I guess walking to school in the rain just ain't happening for them.
This means I left early today, I had some things to do and to be honest, I can't wait for winter break to start.
The rain has also got me thinking about some fenders for the Lanikai Express.
More on that later.
So anyways, I'm walking in the rain on the way to my car when I see something in the gutter.
It's a bird, just sitting there, all shivering and wet, getting wetter by the moment.
I kept walking, I mean I was getting out of there, on my way home.
I just couldn't do it.
I had to turn around.
So I grabbed some paper napkins from my bag, picked up the bird and walked it over to some shelter by our auditorium.
I had my camera but I didn't take any pictures.
I mean it would've been like taking pictures of your girl first thing in the morning.
This was Mother Nature at her worst.
Survival of the fittest.
By moving that bird, I probably delayed the inevitable.
I could have taken it to one of the science classes or something.
I could have done a lot of things, except leave it there to it's fate.
By picking it up, I'm wondering now if I started some kind of chaos reaction that will affect the universe.
It sure is causing some chaos within me.
Next time, maybe it's better to just let nature take its course.
I mean when Mother Nature bears down, she comes down hard.
On all creatures great and small.
I just wish that I didn't have to be there to see it happen.
Lemme tell you, when I got home, I was really happy to see my dog.


Trevor Woodford said...

I hope that nobody was hurt when those trees finally gave in to the wind.
Have a good weekend.

limom said...

Thankfully, the wind died down overnight so no one was injured.
Thanks, and you have a great one too!

Steve A said...

Wow, 60. Were the radio stations telling everyone how to protect themselves from the cold? I recall being in Los Angeles one time when it got up to 95 and all you could hear on the radio was about heat stroke. I'd come from Texas where it'd been about 105.

limom said...

Sixty was the speed of the gusting wind!
Although it is dropping down into the sixties now at night.
Sweatshirt weather.
I may even need long fingered gloves and a wool jersey.