Monday, December 20, 2010

Missed it Again!

Freakin lunar eclipses!
I mean it's going on above my head right now, and all I got is clouds!
Freakin clouds!
Freakin lunar eclipses and clouds!
Just wasn't meant to be.
Actually, my sister called me to say that it was clear over where she lives, but I'm freakin tired and don't feel like driving over there.
Okay, so it's all my fault.
Well, it has been raining here, not your little drizzle, but full on rain.
Remember that picture of the stream from the other day?
That nice quiet little stream?

Here's what it looked like today:

The water level was getting sort of crazy over on this side too:

It's been low overcast since yesterday, the rain finally eased up this afternoon.
Still, no eclipse for me!
That makes me sort of sad.
Not that sad though for if you've been following along at home, you know that I initiated another Quest For Tires(QFT).
Well looky looky right on CL, some MTB tires!

Got a pretty good two for one deal and also scored me some tubes.
Turns out it was from the same dude I got that single speed conversion kit from a couple months back.
I'm all ready to hit some trails!
Sort of.
I'll get them mounted and blowed up and give you, the reader, a full ride report.
As it stops raining.


Trevor Woodford said...

With all that rain your getting I feel that an inflatable boat would have been a wiser purchase than a set of tyres..!!

Steve A said...

I missed the eclipse too. I forgot to wake up!

limom said...

Trevor, those new tires I got look like a set of floatation devices!

Steve A., there's always next time.
I guess.