Monday, December 27, 2010

Kicking the Tires

I hope.
I mean I hope to get at least a look see.
The tires may be too small to actually kick.
Tomorrow, I hope to check out this bike I saw on soon to be evil CL.
I've done my research, what research I could do and I'm still not convinced I like this bike.
I mean I like it enough to check it out, I just don't know if I'm willing to fork over the kind of money the dude wants for it.
No, I'm not going to say what it is exactly.
Bachi don't you know.
I have mixed feeling about buying a used bike.
For one, it was someone elses bike.
Okay, it is used, but I mean that means the bike used to belong to someone else.
It could have been anyone!
It has a history.
I mean I can put that in terms of something else, but I don't want to go there.
Oh please, not there.
Stll, it's the color I want and it is made out of steel.
Chrome moly steel.
Ah yes, that stuff that is supposedly real.
Well we shall see, won't we?
The bike in question is also on the large side so I really need to give it go before making any decisions.
I mean the price is on the upper level of what I wanted to spend on a used bike, so it better fit like perfect before I even start thinking about it.
Okay, who am I fooling, I've already half way talked myself into buying it.
If it's still there.
It's what I had in mind when I started looking for another bike, and if the price is right, and I fit it okay, I may just pick it up.
If the dude calls me back.
If he doesn't, maybe I take a drive out to the far side of the island and check out them Jamis bikes.
Or maybe I won't need to.
Or maybe I will anyway.
Or maybe I should just stop now.
Or maybe I should tell you how I'm really really looking forward to seeing this bike.
Hopefully I'll get the chance.
So what kind of bike is it already?
Let's just say, I've left some clues.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Steel! It seems like one of the simpler frame materials to purchase used. OK, the only one. Used carbon fiber: madness!

Steve A said...

All the bikes I ride regularly were purchased used.

limom said...

JRA, I don't think I'd get a used CF bike.
Well, unless I could like x-ray it first.

Steve A., actually I have nothing against used bikes. It's just that I like that new bike, er, smell.
Besides, see above.