Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Off to do the last of the bamboo thingys, but first some images of the new/old bike.
I went LBS early this morning, the first thing I wanted to get was some new tires and some bar tape.
That celeste jungle camo tape wasn't doing it for me.
Of course I took the new bike, even with threat of rain:

While doing the bar tape, I discovered that the previous owner had used the center cap on the quill as an end plug:

Now, how to get these tires off?
No quick release on the brakes, no way I need to undo the cable, right?
Campy has the quick releases on the levers:

Slide the button to the other side and the lever goes back to release the brakes so you can remove the tires.
Very tricky, those Italians.
Now these wheels are tricky too! The nipples are hidden inside the rim, under the rim tape:

Thankfully the rims are true.
The plastic hubs turned out not to be plastic at all, just painted black.
No name, just Campagnolo:

I gotta say, as a younger person, Campagnolo stuff was always in the display case, behind the glass.
My old ten speed had some Suntour on it, Campy was the stuff dreams were made of.
At least back then.
Still, there's a certain mystique about Campy stuff.
At least for me:

Even if it is bottom of the line.
The frame is TIG welded, that's about all I can say about that:

The downtube though is a bit interesting.
It's ovalized at the bottom bracket, but it's also triangled in the middle:

Maybe so that you can see the sticker better, I mean there's only like nine Bianchi thingys on there.
The frame has some nicks on it, but no dents.
The celeste touch up is on order, so I'll show you my feeble attempts at body working the frame.
I'm thinking of getting a new seat, the rails have rusted some, and I'm looking at some new bars.
The ones on there are like 38s, feels like I'm riding some fixie with those six inch handlebars.
I also pulled up the quill a bit:

I guess that means I haven't quite made the recommended quill depth. Still, one centimeter of rise made a large difference.
I'm looking for a longer quill or I may just use one of those 1 1/8 adapters for there aren't a whole bunch of 25.4 bars out there.
At least not for someone of small stature but massive quads.
Did just five miles today, stopping a couple of times to adjust the seat.
Bike rides great, better than how I remember the display bike.
Gotta remember about the toe overlap thingy, and I am going to find me a compact crank.
Massive quads aside, that fifty three is a beast to turn!
I mean I can't go around scaring women and young children with my excessive speed.
Then again, celeste is such a friendly color, even if they only see a blur.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Will there be new Campy compatible tools added to your collection soon?

Apertome said...

It's beautiful! Some really nice touches on there, with the spoke nipples and the brake levers.

limom said...

JRA, that's post fodder right there.

Apertome, thanks! I'm digging it! Still some of those nuances are strange, if not outright quirky! Again, post fodder.

Trevor Woodford said...

I don't know Limom - I turn my back for a week and what do I find, you've got yourself a new ride and Italian as well.
I have to say it looks very nice. Great find - enjoy......!!

limom said...

Thanks Trevor! Just went out for another short ride today and gotta say I'm pretty happy.
The Flat Tire - surprises galore!