Friday, December 3, 2010

Off to the Fair! Copy Cat

All loaded up and ready to go!
Sort of.
There's still some lingering apprehension about having to sit there and sell my stuff.
I mean I have to be nice to people.
Not that I'm not nice.
Well, kinda sorta.
Nice I mean.
Hey Mr. Flat Tire! I know you and you're not very nice at all!
Take that back kid or you'll be sorry.
I mean, ahem, that's not a very nice thing to say.
So anyways, I stickered up all my stuff with prices.
Funny thing, the more I did, the higher the prices became.
I just couldn't do it.
Make my stuff cheap, I mean.
Even if this results in my sitting there staring into space, I had to hold my line.
If you know what I mean.
Actually, my prices were kinda bell curved: they got higher in the middle, then when I regained my senses, they started to come back to reality.
Turns out I'm going to be by myself for part of the sale, my friend is going off to watch his kid play baseball or something, so it should be interesting.
I think.
I hope.
Full report on the morrow, win or lose.
Okay, maybe not if I have to bring all my stuff back home.
So anyways, I stopped off at said friend's home tonight to make last minute thingamajiggys and we got to talking a bit.
Seems someone, I won't mention names, whispered into his ear, that maybe, perhaps, something I made, was copied.
Not original like!
Ne authenticity pas!
Now I'm not exactly sure, but it's got to be the ole Industrial Teapot:

Now, I can honestly say, that I didn't consciously copy anyones thingy.
The thing is, I've been sort of out of the loop, meaning I haven't been really keeping up with what's been going on in the ever changing world of ceramics.
I used to read all the magazines, all the books, etc, but lately, I've been sort of busy.
Then there's the whole global thingy, where it isn't that difficult for me to imagine that somewhere, right now, someone else is putting together an Industrial Teapot similar to mine, thinking he just made something totally original!
Then it's also possible, that subconsciously, I saw something similar before(another life), and that I was influenced by it.
Then again, I got a pretty good memory, so it's probably not that.
I gotta say though, I feel sort of uncomfortable knowing that possibly there's another Industrial Teapot out there, seeing as how I was all happy and proud thinking that I came up with that design independently.
On the other hand, seriously, what hasn't been done yet?
In ceramics, I mean.
Okay, actually I lied.
It doesn't really bother me.
That much.
For unless they are exactly the same, they are not.
The same I mean.
I could build another Industrial Teapot tomorrow (not likely) and even that won't be exactly the same.
It will be mine though.
Even if I am a copy cat.


Steve A said...

Breathe in my friend. Read "Old Fool" and you can relax.

limom said...

I'm not really upset or anything.
I mean if I did rip it off, that's pretty bold of me to post it up on my own blog.
Well, I am pretty bold.
Kinda sorta.