Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Early Edition

Well, I've got some really good news!
For me anyways.
At least I think it's good news.
Okay, it's really really really good news!
Remember that thing I made that got in the show and won an award?
Well, I haven't seen it since the show closed for the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts sort of borrowed it.
A bunch of folks had to look at it to see if it was worth purchasing.
Apparently it was.
Worth purchasing I mean:

What that all means is that my work goes on display in some State building somewhere(I hope someplace I can visit), and I get my fifteen minutes of fame!
Well, more than fifteen minutes I hope.
Okay, not really.
Hoping about the fame I mean.
Well maybe just a little.
The shows and stuff I've entered and been in are great and all, but this, this means that I have been immortalized!
Okay, not really.
I mean it's not like I got into MoMA or something.
It does mean(hopefully) that my work goes on permanent display to the public.
Well unless it ends up in some high school library in some distant and geographically isolated place.
Which may very well happen.
Still, I have to admit, it was one of those things artist wise I was shooting for, something I had at one time only day dreamed about.
When I first started doing this whole clay thing and going to see other folks' stuff on display, you never think that one day, other folks are going to be looking at your stuff on display.
You work at it and work at it, and keep working at it until one day, you start to get some recognition and then you start thinking hey! maybe my stuff isn't so bad after all!
Let me just stop right here.
It isn't the recognition that motivates me.
Okay, it helps, but it isn't the main driving force behind what I do.
When I think about what I do and why I do it, recognition is sort of far down the list.
Well, the list is pretty short so I guess you have to count it but it's mostly the need to perfect what I do.
I mean I work in clay(mostly) and until I've wrung every last form and figure and color and vessel and thingamabob out of it, I won't be happy.
In other words, I'm going to work in clay until I've run out of things to make out of it.
I should be busy for a long time.
Maybe I get the State to purchase something else, something goofier.
Okay, now that my head is all big and all, I need to go ride my bike to shrink it back down to size.
So I got me this:

I'm really diggin this Castelli stuff, I mean it beats my evil eBay twenty dollar jerseys, and this one is full zip so I don't need to fit my enlarged noggin through the collar.
I got this one on sale at Real Cyclist, it was like half off which was still fifty bucks but I think it was worth it.
Sort of.
The jersey is light, cool and what I like the most is that it doesn't have those elastic thingys on the sleeves.
Oh, and it looks good and we all know that image is everything.
Well, almost everything.
You still have to walk the walk.
Or pedal the uh, pedals.


Trevor Woodford said...

Well done - I told you that your work looked good..!

Nice Italian jersey - it will be an Italian bike next.....

limom said...

Well, I'm sort of looking at Italian stuff but bottom bracket sizing worries me.
Sort of limits the crankset options.
Still waiting on word from the Gios folks to see what they're coming up with.