Friday, December 31, 2010

New Era

Yes my friends, it is indeed a new era.
Time passes, things change.
Nothing, as they say, stays the same.
Well, except for death and taxes.
Things here at The Flat Tire have been in turmoil.
An upheaval of sorts, as attitudes and commitments have strayed from their original courses.
Everything before today shall be known as the era Before the Bianchi(BB), and after today, it shall be known as the era After the Bianchi(AB).
I swear, I never thought I'd get on road bike and live to enjoy it.
I mean talk about your self torture contraption!
It's like getting down on all fours looking for a contact lens and pedaling at the same time!
A new level of pain and suffering.
That's what I have discovered.
Or maybe it's the happy glow of that celeste paint, iridescent and illuminating, emanating a warm fuzzy that just cannot be denied!
I am hooked.
Okay, now for the look back.
At the BB era.
For one thing, my miles this year are a disappointment.
I was hoping to best last years miles, but a change in schedule and ill health stood in my way.
Not this year!
It's the AB era baby!
I did travel far last year though.
I got my cadence up to respectable levels, at least for me, and my cardio got way better. The cadence thingy helped as did the heart rate monitor.
I've never felt better.
Finally, I got off the couch and got back on the wheel, the ceramic wheel that is.
Got me in a show, and won some stuff, and my work is going on public display in some bathroom somewhere.
Okay, not really.
I don't know where it's going.
The good thing is, that after a longish layoff, I feel inspired again, motivated to create, and more importantly, willing to make time to make these things happen.
Except when Law & Order is on.
Despite the fact that it seems like I spend half my life confined to a chair getting my blood cleaned, I feel like I did a lot this year.
Sort of.
I mean I could have done more.
You can always do more.
If you know what I mean.
Which brings me to this blog.
The world wide media empire of The Flat Tire.
It, the blog I mean, has allowed me to share and grow with folks I only know mostly anonymously.
I mean I do know some of you out there in readerland.
Mostly though, it makes me want to do things.
It makes me want to get up and go ride!, explore the roads, look at things, and get all artsy fartsy.
From the modest offices here at Flat Tire Central, I get to travel all over the world.
Okay, maybe just the western hemisphere, but you get the idea.
I mean I read about folks in Texas, Arizona, California, and my own backyard, the Big Island, and I get to peek a little into what you all are up to.
Let me tell you, it's been an inspiring journey.
I'm looking forward to next year.
Okay, not really for I got to go back to work and who knows what that will bring.
Still, I'm looking forward to visiting your neighborhood and seeing what you, the reader, see and what you are thinking and feeling.
I also got a few projects left to finish up.
We here at The Flat Tire would just like to say thanks.
So thanks.
Or as they say around these parts, mahalo.
It's been a nice ride.
I'm all ready to get going!
It's the AB era don't you know.


Chandra said...

Happy New Year!
Peace :)

Trevor Woodford said...

Have a truly great new year. Glad to see that you are now going to be riding a 'proper' grown up bike....!!(Ha Ha)
I look forward to following your blog throughout the year.

PaddyAnne said...

I like the e-visits to other peoples neighbourhoods too! It sort of like armchair traveling. A world at ones fingertips!

limom said...

Exactly! armchair traveling!
Or traveling by mouse!
Mouse traveling!