Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Final

Well, today's Sunday Final is out a little early.
With the holidays and all, my schedule is kinda goofy.
Yesterday was another kadomatsu day, as will be tomorrow.
The kadomatsu army is growing:

That's just a small bunch.
The pine hasn't been added yet so they're not ready to march.
Luckily today was a day off, for it hasn't stopped raining since this morning.
As Alanis Morrisette would say, isn't it ironic that on one of the few off days I have until Christmas, we get some Hawaiian winter weather?
The cactus aren't doing so good:

The poor cactus in the middle looks like it's ready to explode!

So since I'm sort of stuck inside, I went and found these poly sleeve thingys left over from my football card days.
I cleaned them up and will use them to display my ACEO cards.
Remember them? I wrote about it here.
I should have a binder full in no time!

Okay, not really.
I've gotten selective on the cards I purchase.
More on that later.
Anyways, here's my newest acquisition:

It's called "Three Trees" by Rebecca Roberts of Poppyart.
I've decided to start carrying around a sketch book, so I've assembled some some other stuff to go with it:

I have a whole tackle box full of drawing stuff left over from school, when I was pressured to draw under extreme duress.
It was a matter of life or death.
Or worse.
My having to draw I mean.
Actually, I sort of like to draw.
When I'm forced to.
I scored me a couple of nice paper cutters from My Friend Kyle's(MFK's) wife, who does paper crafts:

These paper cutters are handy things to have around, especially if you need to make straight cuts.
Good for cropping photos and stuff.
So anyways, I'll be off to my triweekly oil change, but first I need to find me some tires.
I've decided now that I need some 29er MTB tires, since I got a spare set of rims, so the search begins again.
I'm thinking I'm going to return the Flat Tire Bullet to MTB duty, since hopefully next year I'll be adding a road bike to the collection.
I was thinking of parting it out, but saner thoughts prevailed.
ANyways, this time it should be a quick search for I'm not very particular about MTB tires.
I hope.
It's a short search I mean.

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