Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Stuff

The rains have subsided.
For now.
Yesterday, it was hot and muggy, not wind at all.
The clouds were the lowest I've seen them without rain falling:

It was crazy!
You could almost reach up and touch them!
Here's a good shot of how the valleys on this side of the island look:

Up behind each of those ridges is a valley.
In the ancient days, the royalty dudes owned the land from the sea to the top of the mountains, the dividing line was often these types of valleys.
Today was nice and clear, but more rain is expected, just in time for the President to arrive.
Anyways, up bright and early, early enough to see the Moon set:

The skies cleared a day late, too late for the Lunar eclipse.
The Moon though, turned the sea into a silvery mirror last night.
I should have stopped to get some pics but I was in a hurry to finish off a large load of those bamboo thingys.
Which we were taking to market this morning.
I was so happy to see them go, I forgot to take pics of them.
Give me a minute here.
Okay, so today was an off day, meaning that we worked so hard, we took today off although the bamboo mission is still not done.
I took a short ride(!) just to see if I still had legs and it was okay.
I mean it was better than I expected, there was some burn but it felt pretty good.
Like I had taken two months off of the bike.
Which I did.
Boy, I'm way behind last year's miles, sort bummed out about that seeing as how I had hoped to increase my yearly mileage.
The schedule change, and getting ill didn't help.
I mean it's been so long since I've been on the bike, even the neighbors came out to see what was up:

I hope I didn't give them whiplash as I blazed on past!
I glanced behind me and thought I saw a puff of feathers in the air.
Still, a poor showing for this year.
So, I planned a massive effort to try and catch up.
Eight days, 1500 miles.
I mean that's only like 187.5 miles a day.
I think I can do it if I really bear down.
Try really hard.
Maximum effort.
One hundred and twenty per cent!
Or something.
I mean I got these new tires that make me wicked quick so it shouldn't take me that long.
Maybe on one or two days I can double up and do like 375 miles.
That way I can make my goal of beating last years miles.
Okay, not really.
Maybe I'll just sit on the couch and eat Doritos.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Your rains became our rains and now I'm sending them on to my sister. I ate Doritos for lunch today in honor of you and your bamboo thingys.

limom said...
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limom said...

Okay, lemme try that again.
I'm hoping for some spouting equines!
The Doritos you consumed in honor of the bamboo means another year of good luck!

Steve A said...

Rumor has it we'll get JRA's leftovers tomorrow. Our cold rain is behind schedule.

limom said...

I hope you folks don't get flooded like the last time!

Apertome said...

Nice post. We missed the eclipse too, it having itself been eclipsed by cloud cover. You sure have some beautiful scenery there!

limom said...

Thanks for stopping by Apertome!
I have a history or missing eclipses that I'd like to one day change.
The scenery is only nice when it's not raining!