Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After Yesterday

Christmas for me was spent trudging around deep in the jungle doing the bamboo thing.
Yeah, not exactly the way I envisioned it either, but hey! deadlines must be met and folks must have their kadomatsu before the New Year.
Off today, but back at it tomorrow.
Each year, the holiday season seems to lose more of it's lustre. Maybe this year it's because again, I'm harboring a mild cold, or maybe it was the rains, or maybe it was that thing at work.
I was thinking about it this morning, the work thing, and I'm not really looking forward to going back.
Maybe it's the bamboo thing, there are a couple of work days left, and I won't really feel like I'm on vacation, not until those days are done.
Anyways, I got a bunch of shirts this year, for some reason, my family decided that I'm a medium size, though I prefer to wear a large.
The shirts fit though and I always need more shirts for work.
Image is everything don't you know.
Other than that, gift wise, I'm pretty much left to my own devices.
Which is what I tend to gravitate towards.
Devices I mean.
Of course the Quest for Bikes is still on, I have another bike from Jamis I got my eyeballs on, I just need to drive out to the bicycle place and check it out.
The Jamis Coda is a hybrid with roadie geometry and disc brakes:

I'm really liking this bike, leaning towards it, but I'm wondering if I should wait and see what the new cross bikes will look like once they start coming out with disc brakes too.
I haven't decided on drop bar or flat bar, I guess I need to test ride.
Then there's that Bianchi:

Test riding this may be harder for the Bianchi dealer here sells mostly road and tri bikes; I don't think they are going to want to bring one in just for me to try.
Speaking of bikes, I was hoping to get out today, but again we got rain.
I hope it clears for I was hoping to get in at least one epic ride during the break.
Now that I got real mountain bike tires, I got me some options:

I wanted to get out and test those bad boys out, but I forgot I didn't have another cassette and I didn't feel like taking my other one off so I'm waiting on a new one, a real mountain cassette, like a 12-76.
Or something.
I've got someplace in mind, but I may need like a Camelback for there won't be like a 7-11 or anything for me to stop at.
I'm looking into some options.
Going off road takes some real planning, Boy Scout stuff, especially since I'm going off on my own, solo like.
I've been hiking in this place before and there's an access road, but I've never been all the way to the end.
Maybe I'll just take a backpack and some extra water and food, just in case I get stranded.
Or attacked by wild pigs.
Or wild wallabies.
Or something.
Stay tuned.


Steve A said...

I will be interested to see if cross bikes wind up with disc brakes at all. I've seen a couple popping up with disc brakes, but for a cross race, it might actually be better to stick with the lighter canti brakes.

Jamis does seem to have the sweet spot combination of good bikes at a reasonable price lately...

John Romeo Alpha said...

Wild pigs! You have great big ones there, I heard. Our Arizona desert version is called javelina. I think yours are feral, or descended from feral, though, right? Javelina are natives, and seem to eat anything, but appear to prefer wine grapes grown in the Verde Valley the most. I see groups of them around sunset sometimes (in the Verde Valley I mean).

limom said...

Steve A., I was hoping with the rule change there might be more of them popping up.
Cantis and I just don't like each other!
Well, maybe if I got to em better.

JRA, Oh boy! those critters eat ornamental plants? Wouldn't want to meet up with one of them thingys on a dark night!
The pigs we got are feral decended from pigs brought over by the first folks who landed here.
Come to think of it, I saw one foraging by the side of the road the other day!
Oh and yeah, they can get sort of big.

Apertome said...

Lots of great bike content here. I like Jamises and Bianchis. I don't own a Jamis, but I have considered them a couple of different times, only to find that a test ride wasn't really a possibility. That to me is much more important than name brand or looks. You should at least go ride the Jamis and see how it feels. You may be sold on it with a test ride, or you may find you're not sure, which is when a bianchi test ride might be worth pursuing, if possible.

I'm with you, I prefer disc brakes to cantis. It's too bad there aren't more road-style bikes with discs. I know Kona has some, FWIW.

I use a Camelbak for mountain biking. I don't really like to have all that weight on my back (100 ounces of water is heavy), but there are only so many ways you can carry that much water with you. I have read about a few people using the Camelbak Unbottle strapped to their top tube. I'm considering trying that, at some point.

If the terrain isn't too rugged, you can also use a pannier and put extra water bottles in it. Depends on the kind of riding you're doing.

limom said...

Apertome, thanks for the link to the Unbottle, I'll check it out.
I prefer not to carry stuff on my back either.
As far as the bike goes, I'm going to try and ride as many bikes as I can!
In fact, I may be checking out a Bianchi sooner than later.