Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm the Bombardier!

Save the bombardier!
I'm the bombardier.

If you've ever read Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, you know how Yossarian felt just then.
Utterly confused.
Which is how I felt when I checked today's stats on Bloggerland.
Two hundred ninety one hits worth of confusion.
That's 291.
Despite the immense popularity of The Flat Tire, two hundred and ninety one hits is like a good month.
A month with thirty one days.
Sometimes, I need more than a month to hit that two hundred mark.
Okay, not really.
I jest.
Still, two hundred and ninety one hits in one day is like a new Flat Tire record.
Of sorts.
I don't remember but I think that time the psuedo tsunami came, it was pretty high too.
Now, I don't mind all the visits.
Sort of.
I mean what it does is skew the rest of the statistical mumbo jumbo and it makes the rest of my graph thingy look really small.
Now my regular visits will hardly register a blip.
At least for a month.
Then there's the whole time on site thing.
Now, I've been working pretty hard to raise that statistic and it's about to take a huge dive into the Marianas Trench, never to be seen again.
At least for a month.
Now this whole thing is because of dare I mention it again?
No, that would be like fishing for cheap hits.
Okay, then: Hawaii Five-O.
Hawaii Five-O!
Alex O'Loughlin!'
Scott Caan!
Someone make me stop!
I can't!
I've become a hit junkie!
Hawaii Five-O!
Okay, you, the reader, the real reader, get the picture.
Ahem, oh, and I'd like to welcome all those who got here via your friendly neighborhood search engine, but sorry, we're very low on Hawaii Five-O content today.
Please check back later.
Thank you,
The Management.
Boy, two hundred and ninety one hits sort of makes me feel obligated to post something about you know what.
Unfortunately, I got nothing.
Still, it's sort of tempting to make something up.
I mean two hundred and ninety one hits, I could start like a rumor or something.
Folks could say they read it here first!
I could change the blog name to The Flat Five-O Tire.
Or I could change my name to Steve.
Or something.
I've got so many hits here, I don't know what to do with them!
I guess I should just enjoy my two hundred and ninety one minutes of fame.
Hopefully, my head will still fit through the doorway.
Save the bombardier!
I'm the bombardier!
Save him!

I'm still not sure what the hell happened.
If I ever get two hundred and ninety one hits in one day again, I may just call it a day and go away happy.


Andrew Cooper said...

Hit madness, I know it. Every now and then I put something on the site that draws hits. Last month was the lunar eclipse, good for a thousand hits in a day. When one of my articles gets linked by a really popular site it can be a few days of over a thousand. But normal is 250-300 visits a day. Those big days really do carry an impact for the psyche of a blogger.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I want a site tracker that measures neural activity. I would rather get one visitor who thinks than a hundred random punters. Since I don't have advertising, and don't get paid per click or impression. Would you be willing to get an implant as part of my beta program?

limom said...

Andrew, I will not let it go to my head.
Sorry, the doorways have seemed to have gotten smaller.

JRA, that implant will have to be ultra sensitive.
To pick up any of my brain activity.
If you know what I mean.

coastkid said...

Its nice to get alot of views on a post...
makes you feel your not wasting your time,
and sometimes posts take alot of time...

soak up the interest, you earned it!,

Big Oak said...

Yeah, great job! I think my biggest day was 8 hits, maybe.

Steve A said...

If I look back on the most viewed posts, they were invariably the posts I least wish I'd ever had to make. I'm happy you got a lot of views on a post that didn't make your heart sad.

limom said...

coastkid, thanks!

Big Oak, if you want more hits, I can send you the secret word.

Steve A., I hear you on that.