Monday, January 24, 2011

Kind of Blue

Great album!
I only have one Miles Davis cd, and this is it. I keep forgetting to order Sketches of Spain, even though it's on my Amazon wish list.
I think you sort of have to be in the mood to listen to stuff like Miles Davis and Coltrane.
A wine glassish duskish purple skyish kind of mood.
Or just be in the mood for some blue.
Miles is not what this is all about.
Sort of.
Such a cryptic message!
Oh, wait.
Vacuum tubes.
Which happen to be what powers up my SET(single ended triode) mono block amplifiers:

I also happen to be an audiofilet don't you know.
That's right sports fans, 3.5 (GAGILLION) watts per channel!
The theory behind tubes and SETs is that the analog stuff gives a warmer sound, and the triode thing is meant to create the shortest audio path between the source and the speakers.
I like em!
Kind of blue:

The preamp is also of the tube variety, done from a kit:

Those tubes are not blue, but the glow sets a nice mood.
Kinda sorta.
If you know what I mean:

If you've been following along at home, you know this was coming.
Just can't seem to help myself.
I thought some blue zips would look at least different and maybe match the rest of the Bianchi:

It's all in the details.
Say it with me: image is everything.

I still haven't decided on the bar tape yet.
I'll just run black until all the other stuff is done.
You know what I'm thinking though:


Trevor Woodford said...

That would be enough for me.... The message is clear...!!

limom said...

I'm starting to feel a bit smurfish.

RANTWICK said...

I named a dog Miles after that dude. Tube amps, huh? Got any more cash burning hobbies?

limom said...

They are all money pits.
The hobbies I mean.
Well, except the clay thing.
Sometimes I actually make money on that.
That's not really a hobby though.