Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking For The Prez

Okay not really.
Well, maybe.
I mean I did go to some places where I thought I might get a look see.
I mean it was such a nice day, perhaps he was spending his last couple of days walking along the beach.
Folks were out in force:

The beach and the water was crowded!
I took out the Bianchi for a real ride, going along my regular route, just to see how things felt.
I still need to make some seat adjustments I think, I moved it a bit forward, now I think I need to move it back some.
More on my ride later.
For now, let me tell you about them handle bars.
First of all, it does put me in a relaxed position. My shoulders especially, stay loose and my neck doesn't get as tired.
Still, the hand position borders on ridiculous:

If I extend my thumbs, they touch together!
Not really a control problem, but things do get a bit wobbly at slow speeds.
The thing about these older type bikes, I think especially if they got some European stuff on it, is the sizing.
For one thing quill stems are mostly sized for 25.4 bars and there aren't too many 25.4 bars around unless you are into that tarck/fixie thing.
I've managed to hunt down some quills with a 26.0 clamp, but even 26.0 bars are sort of hard to find.
Okay, not hard to find, there just isn't a huge selection.
Thankfully, there's yes, you got it! evil eBay.
I've even taken to searching the other evilness in like Europe and Australia.
Stay tuned.
So anyways, the Secret Service folks had to work today too:

I guess at least it was sunny today.
I mean they could be standing out in the snow someplace else.
The gunboats were tied up a little farther down the canal, closer to the place the President is staying:

Last year, they were parked right off the bridge and were very visible.
I had one last place to try and get a peek of the leader of the free world. There's a place where I make my turn around that has a little public right of way, the beach kine, so I went off to see what I could find.
No such luck.
Maybe he was inside watching Law & Order.
Or something.
The place he is staying at is right behind the Bianchi:

I keep trying to get decent pictures of the bike, but the ole weather just won't cooperate. Pictures really do not do justice to the celeste paint.
Well, I was sort of sad that I didn't see the President, but I figure I passed within a quarter mile or so of greatness.
I guess that will just have to do.
I got in twenty six miles today, not bad to start off the New Year.
I hope I can keep it up.
Oh, and I don't think the President is leaving until Monday, so tomorrow I'll make another attempt at a sighting.
Weather permitting.


Steve A said...

I hope you'll do a full photo shoot of the bike before too long. So, when do you go crazy over celeste? Like in jersey, saddle, water bottle and even seat bag?

John Romeo Alpha said...

Seeing your hand on the bar really illustrates the point. I think some new, bigger bars (in celeste, of course), along with some celeste bar tape, may be called for.

limom said...

Steve A., am I so predictable?
Or do you just know me well?
Pics coming once I get it squared away.

JRA, crazy bars! So narrow, yet the reach and drop border on insane!
Ritcheys coming in this week.
Maybe some Dedas too.