Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spy Shots! Five Oh!

Book em Danno!
If you missed my in depth post on the new and improved Hawaii Five-O, see here.
Apparently, the show has grabbed quite an audience, winning it's time slot several times, and garnering Scott Caan a Golden Globe nomination.
I really like Scott Caan as the new Danno, he brings something to the character that's good for the show.
Scott Caan's resemblence to his father James Caan, one of my favorite actors, is strong:

One of the great things about having a local production is seeing the units around the island doing their thing.
Which is what I saw today:

That's right sports fans!
Hot Five Oh Action(HFOA)!
All this was happening about two doors down from where I have my pre game meal. So before I sat down to calorize myself, I poked around a bit to see what I could see.
Which was a lot of nothing:

You can tell they're filming for there are like a GAGILLION trucks around, cops redirecting traffic, and folks standing around waiting for something to happen.
Like me.
I was a folk standing around waiting for something to happen, I mean.
There was also a second unit across the street:

Now while Lono's Pawn Shop is fake, the barber shop isn't.
Most of the people you see in the shots are like real folks, not extras or anything.
I think one of the cool things about us locals is that we don't get too star struck.
I mean if it's like a public thing or something, the folks will turn out, but if it's like this, when they are working, it doesn't attract a big crowd.
Most movie folks can navigate the islands without worrying about getting mobbed.
It's sort of like, "yeah, he's a movie star, but can he body surf Sandy Beach when it's six feet?"
Not me though, nosirreebob!
My eyeballs got all googly and stuff when I heard the word "action!" and got this:

Steve McGarrett!
Over here!
The Flat Tire!
I'll make you famous!

Okay, not really.
About the yelling part.
I think that's Alex O'Loughlin reaching into the Steve McGarrett car:

O'Loughlin plays a younger, more emotional Steve McGarrett which brings a new dynamic to the show.
I think he plays his new role well, even if he is an Aussie:

So anyways, I hung around for a bit before taking off and getting my oil changed.
I really wanted to see the fresh new face of Grace Park who plays a younger, female Kono.
Maybe next time.
Hawaii Five Oh!
Be there, aloha!


Big Oak said...

To make the show life-like, they need a bike rider in many of their scenes. Take your bike down there and just ride around purposefully, like you are really going somewhere. Watch out for the stunt car though!

John Romeo Alpha said...

I like Big Oak's idea. Pedal with power and purpose. Knock down a perp or two. Locate unsubs.

Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

I watched it once and there is not likely to be a second time.

I know it's not a documentary, but the depiction of police work is so lame and unrealistic that the writers should get the Lazy Writing Emmy.

They have the opportunity to use great locations and play off of eastern-asian-exotic themes, but fall back on special effects and almost super-power characters.

limom said...

Big Oak & JRA,
If they are ever in Kailua, I most certainly will try to become part of the background.
Or foreground.

TBCC, I sort of agree with your assessment, but I take the show for what it is: glitzy cop drama.
It's also fun to see the locations and the names they make up for some of the places.
It's also nice to see the home state in a starring role.
If you know what I mean.


I happen to love the show!! Especially Alex's portrayal of Steve McGarrett!! I love how they keep the Hawaiian traditions and names and they speak the different languages to 'blend in'.

limom said...

I think the new show is better at some things than the old one.
They still need to work a bit on the local speak, but for the most part it's correct.
On the other hand, most of the plots are really fantastical, meaning most of that stuff wouldn't happen here.
I'm sort of waiting to see how they do the Wo Fat thing.
Oh, and Scott Caan fan here.